Everything has a source—and the source is the Greatest Creator


The Amazon that runs across South America, the bold and flowing Nile, the surging Yangtze, and the roaring Mississippi—all have their headstreams. Benguela Cold Current, Peru Cold Current, Mozambique Warm Current, and Guyana Warm Current all have their sources. Rio de Janeiro-London airline, Los Angeles-Paris airline, Honolulu-Manila airline, and Paris-Colombo airline all have their starting points.


All things created by man have come into being from a certain source;all tools that we use, including pencils, needles, spades, spoons, pliers, automobiles, computers, printers, cameras, and machine tools; and all daily articles, including musical instruments, chess, painting and calligraphy, watches, alarm clocks, desks, chairs, and wooden stool, shoes, stockings, clothes, caps, cups, thermoses, reading lamps, telephones, and refrigerators and TV sets have an origin, and obviously they don’t come from none.我们家里养的猫、狗、羊、猪等都有一个来源,即使园中载的牡丹芍药、桃梨杏果等植物也不是凭空而来,可以追溯其原始渊源。

The cats, dogs, goats, and pigs we raise at home all have an origin. Even peony, peaches, pears, and almonds can be traced back to their origins.


Music, characters, arts, medicines, theories, methods, magic arts and alchemy, axioms and theorems all have a source.


White Europeans, black African, yellow Asian, Arabians, and Brazilians are all descendents of their ancestors.


The towering Himalayas, the fertile and vast Nile delta, the extensive Amazon alluvial plain, the silver and white wrapped Antarctica—all have formed from earth transition.


Everything has its origin. What about the earth, the solar system, and the universe? They all have their origins.


Since everything has an origin, there must be a primordial origin. And this primordial origin is the Greatest Creator.

Travel to Journey to the West Theme Park



How rare the moon, so round and clear!
With cup in hand, I ask of the blue sky,
“I do not know in the celestial sphere
What name this festive night goes by?”


I want to fly home, riding the air,
But fear the ethereal cold up there,
The jade and crystal mansions are so high!
Dancing to my shadow,
I feel no longer the mortal tie.


She rounds the vermilion tower,
Stoops to silk-pad doors,
Shines on those who sleepless lie.
Why does she, bearing us no grudge,
Shine upon our parting, reunion deny?


But rare is perfect happiness
The moon does wax, the moon does wane,
And so men meet and say goodbye.
I only pray our life be long,
And our souls together


The rise and decline of human civilization


In The Story of Mankind, a well-illustrated book, Hendrik Van Loon strings together the great historic events of mankind like pearls.


Based on his on-site interviews and investigations in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India and other countries,Yu Qiuyu wrote a book called A Sigh of Millenium

Based on the on-site interviews and investigations in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India and other countries the Chinese author Yu Qiuyu wrote the book” A Sign of Millenium”.


These two books are of great help for the accurately understanding of the rise and decline of human civilizations.


We may find that civilizations are the crystallizations of human wisdom when we review the civilization of ancient Egypt civilization, Maya civilization, Persian civilization, Greek civilization, Athens civilization, Roman Empire, Islam civilization, civilization of medieval Europe, and the rise of England. The rise of a civilization depends on the progress of science and technology, without which there would be no civilization. Monkeys and gorillas have longer histories than man, but they have always remained in the wild and primitive stage for lack of the development and progress of science and technology.


Then why did the arisen civilization decline?


Civilization needs the guidance of an eternal spirit and pursuit. Without the guidance of an eternal belief, a civilization will be formidable and may perish any time. When a nation or country has a relatively advanced productive force, it is likely to think little of everything else. Swelling in pride, it deems itself the Greatest Creator when looking around. It does what it wants and regards itself the savior of the world.


The consequence of swelling pride is that it tends to impose its will on other people, and the result is that it not only has destroyed others’ civilization but also brought about its own downfall.


TheEphraim can survive from many disasters because they have the support of the Bible.


The Indian civilization can endure because of the support of Buddha, Brahma, and Magmatron.


Chinese civilization has sustained unflaggingly until today mainly due to the support of the idea of “oneness of heaven and man”.


With an eternal supporting point, man will not be overweening. Instead, they will feel modest and know that there is always someone stronger and that man is not the supreme form of life and not the dominant force of the universe.

美国是新兴的当今世界上最强大的文明国家,它的文明的兴起,主要是“我们信赖上帝”的缘故。大家看看美元纸币副面中心的那句话:“IN THE GREATEST CREATOR WE TRUST”。

America is the most powerful civilized nation in the world. The rise of its civilization is mainly due to their belief in god. Let’s look at the word on the reverse side of the dollar bills,it is “In God we trust”.


If America does not believe in god but in itself, it is bound to decline and fall.


It is not an easy course of development that man has gone through, and we should cherish what we have today. On the one hand, we are enjoying the fruits of modern civilization, but on the other we are faced with the danger of destruction. Lao Tzu said, “When people have no fear of force, then (as is the common practice) great force descends”. What is great force? It refers to a power unimaginable and uncontrollable by man. It is like the “deluge” recorded in the bible, which was then unexpected and uncontrollable by man.


There is an article called “Ten Major Crises Confronted by Man”, which mentions the impact of comet hitting earth, nuclear war, and biorobots’ control of mankind. But it didn’t mention the Greatest Creator. It seems that the mere mention of the Greatest Creator means religious superstition and deviation from science.


Will civilization unavoidably come to its end after it has reached certain phase of development?


The answer is no. Whether a civilization can develop sustainably depends on whether man has the Greatest Creator in mind. With the belief in the Greatest Creator, the civilization will continue; without, the civilization will perish any time. Just like a group of elephants, they will be punished by man if they ignore the existence of man and deem themselves masters of the earth, doing whatever they want and going on the rampage.


Then what if I just believe in gods not the Greatest Creator ?


The answer is: No!


The civilizations in history that were destroyed all believed in gods, but had they got the salvation?


Gods are not the supreme masters of the universe. Conflicts between gods often occur. They are busy attending to their own affairs. How can they spare themselves energy to care about us? How did Jesus’ twelve disciples die? Just like in the era of Chairman Mao, if we did not uphold the banner of the thought of Chairman Maobut instead raised the banner of Liu Shaoqi, or the banner of Zhou Enlai, or the flag of certain minister or governor, we would not be able to save ourselves, and worse than thatthe flags we raised would may have been overturned.


Will it do if I only believe in Buddha? As a saying goes, “Like a clay Buddha fording the river,hardly able to save oneself”. Buddhas are just life far superior to man. Living in the Elysium World, they have once made bold to come to the earth and the Greatest Creator has forgiven their past wrongdoings and given them a way out. Do they have energy to attend us? In the history of Buddhism, there have been numerous cases, in which temples were destroyed and monks were expelled. The sixth master of Buddhism could not even save himself but had to hide himself in hunter’s home. Buddhism cannot even protect its founder then can it protect us?


In addition, the purpose of belief in Buddhism is not to enjoy life in human world but only to go to the Elysium World of the west for another life. You are only daydreaming and know nothing about Buddhism if you want to enjoy the pleasure of life in human world and to go to the Elysium World after death at the same time.


From 2013 onwards if we prioritize our service to the Greatest Creator, we humankind may usher in the more glorious era. But if we pay no attention to the existence of the Greatest Creator, it is likely that “The Great Force “will come to the world.


We must ponder over the paths to be taken.


Science and Civilization


Religion goes hand in hand with fatuity, while science keeps abreast with civilization.


Science is the activity and knowledge to understand, explore, and interpret the laws of nature, human society, and thinking.


Civilization is a voluntary behavior of man formed on the basis of the correct understanding of material world and nonmaterial world.


Without the development and progress of science, civilization is only an extravagant hope.


The symbol for real civilization is: no slightest conflict between man and man, man and society, and man and nature, and the sustained harmony without the regulations of laws and without the mechanisms of supervision.


For example, how do we dispose of the banana peel after eating a banana on the bus? The uncivilized behavior is to throw it out of the window. We only keep a clean place for ourselves and do not care about the inconvenience to others caused by the banana peel thrown out of the window. The less uncivilized behavior is to place the banana peel under the seat and leave the bus. The civilized behavior is to take the banana peel away and throw it into the dustbin.


For another example, suppose an automatic newsagent stand is set up by a road with a large flow of pedestrians, each newspaper sells for one dollar, and beside the pile of newspaper is placed a money box, from which buyers can get the changes of his money. In this situation, the civilized person would willingly place the money into the money box and take away the changesand then fetch a newspaper from the top of the pile of newspaper. The less uncivilized person would also place the money into the box, but would fumble through the box for the cleaner and tidier changes and would not take the newspaper directly from the top of the pile but takes one from the middle of the pile. The uncivilized person would trickly pick newspaper from the pile when seeing no one around and would take one or even two newspaper without paying money, thinking “It does not make any difference whether I take one for free or not”. He would not consider other consequences. He would not pay attention to the losses sustained to the owner of the newspaper. For those who do not pay for the newspaper and worse still pick money from the box, this is not a matter of being civilized or not, but a matter of crime.


Some may say that civilization does not have much to do with science. In the remote villages with rustic folkway, The doors were not shut at night and no one picked other’s loss on the street., and doesn’t this count for civilization?


This question involves the understanding of science. It is generally believed that space shuttles, ion accelerators, computer networks, magnetic suspension trains, atomic energy power plants, cloning of life, nanotechnology, and atomic bombs are science but farmer’s planting of crops, housewife’s cooking, worker’s operation, and smallbusiness all have nothing to do with science.


Many people are biased against science, believing that science is at the same time benefiting mankind and threatening the survival of civilization. For example, as a result of the development of science, people can no longer have any impression of the good old days—in which the doors were not shut at night and no one picked other’s loss on the street.. Some people even believe that science should be held responsible for the creation of killing machines like firearms, bombers, and atomic bombs and that science has caused the bustling of mankind and accelerated the pace of life. There are even people who claim that the exhausted resources, the polluted earth, the damaged environment, and people’s spiritual and mental stress are all evils committed by science.


Science has been treated unjustly.


Science is the activity and knowledge for understanding, exploring, and interpreting the laws of nature, human society, and thinking. How can we impute science simply because of some people’s crooked application of science to other purposes?


Science has caused the emergence of automobiles. Can we blame science if a driverhas run into someone?


Internet has burst into the modern stage with the development of science. Can we say that science is promoting drugs and pornographic picture albums if someone takes advantage of the network to promote drugs and porn picture albums?


With the development of science and the appearance of Television, VCD, DVD, CD, films, telephones, and floods of books and magazines. Some people are utilizing these facilities to conduct vulgar propaganda, which causes people’s tension in sense of time, apathy in human relations, and contortion in psychology and mentality. Can we blame science for all these bad effects?


Science has caused the invention of atomic bombs, but can we say that science is intimidating people if someone threatens others with an atomic bomb?


If it is tenable to ascribe all misbehaviors and evils of modern society to science, then the following logical reasoning should be completely correct.


The reason why Xiao Wang committed murder is because his parents have given birth to him. If his parents have not given birth to him, there would not have been the problem of Xiao Wang’s murder. Then not Xiao Wang but his parents should be blamed for the crime. However, Xiao Wang’s parents were born by their respective parents, so Xiao Wang’s parents’ parents should be responsible for Xiao Wang’s crime. If this reasoning goes further back, the primogenitor of mankind will have to be held responsible. Where did man’s primogenitor come from? Then the earth cannot be exempt from the liability, because without the earth there would have been no primogenitor of mankind. The problem, however, does not end here. Without the solar system, there would have been no earth; and without the Milky Way galaxy, there would have been no solar system. And finally the crime may be traced back to the Greatest Creator who has created the universe.


The result of the logical reasoning is that the Greatest Creator is responsible for Xiao Wang’s action of murder.


This discursion is ridiculous.


If this rationalization is not absurd, then there would be only one solution: destroy mankind, destroy the universe.


Who else wants to shift the blame onto science?


There is a fallacy, “Science is a double-edged sword”, which undoubtedly implies that “The sun is a double-edged ball”, “The orange is a double-edged fruit”, “The plane is a double-edged aircraft”, and “TV is a double-edged set”. Everything is double-edged anywhere and any time. The result is one’s own parents are double-edged persons.


If we compare science to a knife, it totally depends on the user of the knife and has nothing to do with the knife itself whether the knife is used to chop vegetables, to mow grass, to slaughter pigs, or to kill people.


When it comes to science, we have to talk about scientists. Now there are more and more scientists, which are a good thing and an inevitable result of social development. But the problem is, “Who can be called scientists?”


Who are scientists?


Scientists are people who have discovered and can clearly describe or explain a certain law in the field of nature, society, and thinking, which is universally valid within a given limit of time and space.


Newton is a scientist because he has discovered gravitation; Einstein is a scientist because he has discovered the mass energy equation; Madame Curie is a scientist because she has discovered radioelements; Planck is a scientist because he has discovered quantum theory; Laplace is a scientist because he has discovered the uncertainty principle.


Those who work in science laboratories or with scientists can only be called scientific workers and cannot be called scientists.


People capable of explaining certain phenomena cannot be called scientists. Otherwise, I would also be a scientist.


People working in certain academy of sciences can not be called scientists.


People only capable of making innovations and inventions according to others’ theories can not be called scientists and can only be called inventors, engineers, and technicians. Edison is not a scientist.


People only capable of expounding others’ theories are not scientists, either. Many university teachers can explain the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics to students, but they are not scientists, instead they are teachers and professors.


A person can only be regarded as one with great power of understanding but cannot be considered a scientist if he has discovered certain law but cannot explain it in clear words.


Therefore those who developed atomic bombs according to Einstein’s theories cannot be called scientist. They can at best be regarded as scientific workers or engineers.


Scientist is a sacred title. We should not abuse this title by using it randomly; otherwise science and scientists will be tarnished.


A person is a scientist if he has discovered and explained a certain theory. That he may later do something detrimental to society with his discovery is a matter of his moral character and social standpoint and has nothing to do with the title of scientist. In the same way, a man has created wealth for himself and the society by making a knife. We cannot say that it is wrong to create wealth just because he later becomes a criminal by killing people with this knife.


After we have discovered what science and scientists are, we will understand that science is the catalyst for civilization.


Without the guidance of science, man would be like a mob of animals, irrational, irredeemable, and hopeless.


Science and scientist are offspring of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator has not created religion, but he has created science and scientist. A real scientist cannot deny the existence of the Greatest Creator, because all that are created by the Greatest Creator are not a result of random actions but are based on science, laws, and principles. The road of science is the road of the Greatest Creator. Who are nearest to the Greatest Creator? Scientists!


Human society is marching toward civilization. Today’s society is more civilized than the past. Modern times are more civilized than past times. Whoever is hostile to science, to present time and is afraid of the future can get undressed, destroy all you haveand go back to the virgin forest to see how you can survive.


Religion and the Greatest Creator


First, we must know what religion is.


Religion is a spiritual and psychological activity through which man gets to know, believe in, worship, and follow god and Buddha.


Strictly speaking, only Christianity and Buddhism can be called real religions. Although Islamism and Catholicism are also practiced as religions, they have interfered too much in secular affairs. So Islamism and Catholicism cannot be counted as pure religion. Hinduism was formed earlier than Buddhism, but actually it can only be regarded as a source for Buddhism. Derived from the blending of Bhakti and the sufi orders of Islamism, Sikhism has no independent ideological system since its content can be found in Buddhist sutras and in the Qur’an. China’s Taoism mainly preaches the unity of heaven and man and the telepathy between heaven and man. Without a system of theory about god, Taoism can not be regarded as a spiritual and psychological activity through which man gets to know, believe in, worship, and follow god and Buddha but a social activity of mankind. Derived from the blending of Buddhism and Taoism, Japan’s Shintoism also has no new content and system. Protestantism and Orthodox Church are branches of Christianity, so they do not have independent ideological system. Primitive religions can not be regarded as a religion but only a social activity because they are mainly a worship of ghosts and gods, ancestors, totems, and idols and do not have an integrate understanding of god. Ancient Egyptian religion, ancient Babylonian religion, the worship of Celestial Ruler Supreme God in China’s Yin and Zhou dynasties, Phoenician religion, Hinduism religion, Vedic religion, and ancient Iranian religion—all these have basically evolved from primitive religion, they mainly worship natural objects or natural force, and they do not have a perfect perception of god. Therefore they can only be a social activity and cannot become pure spiritual and psychological activity. Having its own independent understanding of god, Zoroastrianism (called fire-worship religion in China’s history) was later absorbed by Christianity and Buddhism, its essences still visible in the Christian and Buddhist classics. The essence of Manicheism (called Zoroastrianism in China) can also be found in Christian and Buddhist classics, thus manicheism also has no independent and perfect system. Brahmanism is actually Vedic religion in essence. A religion of ancient India, Brahmanism has gods in the form of personified natural phenomena. Its theory of three paths and four lives has been modified and carried forward by Sakyamuni. Hinduism has a long history and a numerous and jumbled content, but it does not have a clear thinking and path and renders a perplexed feeling, so it cannot be regarded as a religion. Jainism has a long history and an independent theoretical system, but its essence has been incorporated into Buddhism and the drosses parts have been overthrown by science, and thus it cannot survive as a religion.


Strictly speaking, Judaism is not the religion of god but the religion of the Greatest Creator. Its scriptures are mainly the Old Testament of the Bible. But it is not perfect as a religion of the Greatest Creator, because it cannot answer the basic questions concerning the characteristics of the Greatest Creator, and thus is not convincing.


Although pursuing the consciousness and love of god in the level of spiritual nature, Kirtan and the Bhakti movement has confused the Greatest Creator with god. And its leader does not consider Krishna Consciousness Movement a religion, but only regards it as a movement of science, thus confusing science with religion. Therefore, the movement can only be regarded as reflection of the wisdom of ancient Indian sages and cannot be considered a religion.


Falun Gong that prevailed in the last few years was a philosophical pursuit of truth, kindness and endurance by the common people with a pent-up spiritual nature. Falun Gong had no clear understanding of god and Buddha, and its concept of space was also perplexing. Therefore, it can only be counted as a mass social activity and is not a religion.


In other small religious groups, small numbers of people suffering emotional and spiritual emptiness engage in a blind spiritual and emotional pursuit to get rid of loneliness, and seek group identity or comfort, just like a crowd of people getting together to chat and divert their humdrum which cannot be counted as religions.


In the future Christianity and Buddhism will be the only religions remaining, and the rest will gradually perish with the development of science and the progress of mankind.


Christianity and Buddhism are two relatively independent and complete religions as wellas two contradictory religions. However, as a social phenomenon, religion will ultimately perish with the passage of time and in the future the great variety of religions will be unified as one single religion.


How do the different religions unify as a whole?


Let’s take a look at the religions that have appeared in history. At the beginning of each religion, all its followers were firmly convinced that their religion was the only true religion that would exist forever and other religions were all evil cults and heresies. However, with the development of the times, the progress of mankind, and especially the flourishing of science, those religions have all faded out from the stage of history. Then, can Christianity and Buddhism exist forever?


We have to ask the Greatest Creator to answer this question.


Can the Greatest Creator create two mutually contradicting religions? If this question is not easy to answer, we might as well ask directly, “Was religion created by the Greatest Creator?”


If the answer is yes, then the disappearance of religions and the mutual contradictions between different religions can only prove the disorganized thinking of the Greatest Creator. But this is not the case for the Greatest Creator we meant


If the answer is no, this shows that Christianity and Buddhism are not the religion of the Greatest Creator.


If religion is not created by the Greatest Creator, then who maight it be, man,god, or Buddha?


No matter whether it is created by man, god, or Buddha or how difficult it is for its followers to accept the reality, the religion will finally die out if it cannot answer all the questions raised by man and cannot explain all the phenomena of the nature and life of the universe, because this religion can no longer guide man.


Religion was progressive at the time of its emergence and had pushed forward the development of human history. However, if we stick to some old-fashioned doctrines and guide today’s activities with the teachings of two thousand years ago, the development of our spiritual nature will only be hindered. In the same way the dynasties in history had all propelled the development of social productivity and facilitated social progress at the time when they were established, but with the passage of time what were originally progressive became the backward fetters hindering social development. Just like Marx’s analysis, when certain superstructure is no longer adaptable to its economic foundation and the production relations are no longer suitable to the development of productivity, such superstructure and production relation is bound to be eliminated and superseded by more advanced superstructure and production relation.


Why can science always prevail? The reason is that science is continually developing. If Einstein dogmatically stuck to Newton’s mechanics, he would not be able to develop the theory of relativity. If later scientists held the theory of relativity as universally true, then it would be difficult for the birth of quantum mechanics.


The development in the history of mathematics also has demonstrated that the future lies only in development. A glorious palace of mathematics has been created only with the continuous exploration stretching from natural number, positive number, negative number, whole number, fraction, irrational number, rational number, imaginary number, and complex number. If we only stick to natural number and deny the existence of other numbers, and if we do not engage in thinking and attempts to solve all problems with natural numbers, then humankind must be still leading a rough existence in the caves and branches and groping its way in the wilderness and ignorance.


Shall we doubt the megatrend of the unification of all religions?


We should continue our exploration and predict in advance the unification of all religions.


The unification of all religions is not to transform all religions into one religion, and is no longer a psychological and spiritual activity to understand, believe in, worship, and follow god, but a reverence for and praise of the Greatest Creator. There is only one Greatest Creator in the universe but there are countless gods. The greatest Creator is not god and neither is god the Greatest Creator. Worship god will only distract people’s visions, and only by worshipping the Greatest Creator can we have a definite goal of progress.


Instead of imposing one after another spiritual and psychological shackles on mankind, the unification of all religions is the liberation of human nature, enabling man to enjoy life freely. Thus man will not be forced to go through complicated and tedious rituals at churches or temples.


Instead of establishing more papacies, hierarches, priests, pastors, emcees, abbots, and imams to influence people’s life and actions, “Unification of all religions” means equality between men.


“Unification of all religions” has no fixed “sutras and scriptures” and “tenets” but it will carry on and promote all fruits of man’s wisdom.


In “Unification of all religions” there will be no followers. It can be said that everyone is a follower and no one is a follower. All people are the subjects of the Greatest Creator rather than the subjects of any god or Buddha.


In a word, “Unification of religions” is the real “religion” of the Greatest Creator.


It is regarded as a religion but is not a religion in essence.


Will Christianity and Buddhism really fade out from the stage of history?


In today’s world there are many enthusiastic missionaries, which is a commendable phenomenon. I hope all people will participate in the religious activities. But as a missionary you should understand the essence of the religion that you are preaching. You should answer all the questions related to god or Buddha. You may do a poor job in preaching if you yourself feel muddleheaded. Everyone engaging in religious activities should always raise questions as why? Why? Why?


Once an old Christians couple preached me enthusiastically. They had been doing this for 40 years and could almost recite the whole bible. They never expected to meet such an “inquisitive” person like me who rasied a lot of questions. Who planted the tree of wisdom in the Garden of Eden? Why was it planted? I had landed them in the most embarrassing situation. I had originally intended to obtain a lot of knowledge about the Bible, but ended in hurting the two old people. I still feel sorry for them even today.


As far as I know, the most successful preacher of the Bible today is Jehovah’s Witnesses, a group of wise, kind, and sincere people. If all the people in the whole world all becomeJehovah’s Witnesses, the human world will take the initial form of the paradise. The two magazines “Vigilance” and “Lookout” are inclusive book series of wisdom. But there is no perfect man in the world, nor is there perfect organization and religion. I once asked my Bible teacher who is a Jehovah’s Witness, “Are Eva and Adam the common ancestors for all men?” The answer is positive. I asked again, “Are they also the ancestors of the black people of Africa?” My teacher faltered here. If the answer is “Yes”, it proves that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct and that white people can become black people and vice versa, which virtually has negated the theory of the creation of man by the Greatest Creator. If the answer is no, it means that Adam and Eva are not the common ancestors of mankind, which has virtually negated the verity of the Bible.


It is so with Christianity. Then how about Buddhism?


In modern world there is a famous Buddhist master and a lay Buddhist well-known among overseas Chinese. They are well-read in Buddhist sutras. I have read their books or teaching materials. I have felt their profound spiritual nature and outstanding talents. They have made immeasurable contribution to the diffusion of Buddhism. But even the best gem is not flawless. That a gem has flaws does not mean it is not precious. Only artificial gem and glass would be free of blemish.


Even people with such profound knowledge of Buddhism are also spreading fatuity. For example, one says that as long as a mosquito is not biting on the face but on other places, we should let it suck until it is full, and we should not kill it because that is killing of life. Another one takes pity on cockroaches. He will let cockroaches go on the rampage in his kitchen. He would do nothing to interfere. Once, two cockroaches even crawled on his table, and even then he still felt reluctant to drive them away.


This care and mercy for life is something that we should learn from. The problem is, is this the kind of mercy advocated by Buddha?


Buddhism preaches “equality between all living creatures”. What is the definition of all living creatures? Buddha Sakyamuni tells Subhuti in Diamond Sutra, “all Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas should subdue their minds as follows:

“All living beings born from eggs, wombs, humidity or by transformation

“with or without form,

“either thoughtful or thoughtless,

“and neither thoughtful nor thoughtless

“are all led by me to the final nirvana for the extinction of reincarnation

“Although immeasurable, uncountable and unlimitable numbers of living beings are thus led to (the final nirvana for) the extinction of reincarnation,”

His teachings tell us in definite terms that man, animals and plants, insects, microorganism, and bacteria are all living creatures. Mountains, rocks, fields, and soils, wind, clouds, rain, and snow are all living creatures. Not only tangible and visible objects are living creatures, even things invisible to man are also living creatures. Not only things capable of thinking are living creatures, objects with no thinking and consciousness are also living creatures. “All living creatures are equal”. We should have mercy and care for all living creatures. We should not abuse killing, and this should be the real signification of mercy preached by Buddha.


However, there are principles for mercy, and mercy is mutual. The prerequisite for mercy should not violate with each other. Unprincipled mercy only leads to fatuity.


Mosquitoes should have their own food and territory of activity. They should not suck man’s blood and harass man. When they live in the ponds we need not hurt them. But if they go beyond their area of existence and suck man’s blood, then they are on the way to wickedness. Should we show our mercy even for those wicked things?


Cockroaches are insects, and insects should live in insects’ territory. Kitchens are areas of activity for man, and cockroaches should not do what they want here. If we throw the reins to cockroaches then what shall we do if rats, flies, fleas, bugs, centipedes, house centipedes, and cobras all pour into the kitchens?


If we preach unprincipled mercy, what shall farmers do with the weeds overgrowing in the crop fields? Weeds are also life, if we let them overspread the fields according to the Buddhist master and the lay Buddhist, what will the results be? People will have nothing to live on.


If we advocate unprincipled mercy, how do we deal with the wounds? There are a large number of bacteria at the wound, and we will certainly kill those bacteria if we smear drugs or bind up the wound. Should we let the wound rankle and putrefy for the sake of the bacteria?


What should we do with the spider’s web in the bedroom? If we destroy the web, we are being cruel to the spider; but if we do not, should we watch the flies, mosquitoes, and moths ensnared by the web and eaten by the spider?


Every plant is a life, shall we or shall we not grind the life of wheat grains into flower for food?


In each cup of water there are tens of thousands of bacteria. Shall we drink or shall we not drink?


Shall we move our steps or shall we not move our steps, since we will trample on tens of thousands of living beings in each step.


Has the Monkey King unjustly killed the Lady White Bone?


Shall all the police be disbanded and sent home to take care of their children?


No wonder that the areas where Buddhism flourishes have poorer hygienic conditions, since they are dedicated to protect lives.


No wonder people in a Buddhist country tend to be worldly wise for personal safety. They dare not and are unwilling to stand out and hold out the evil things, and the evil things will just run amuck. The reason is that they all have a “mercy” heart.


Instead of adding more shackles, the tenet of religion is to liberate man, destroy the shackles of human nature, and make people enjoy a more pleasant, freer and happier life. The more rules and regulations, the further away we are from the edifications of god and Buddha.


Religion is somewhat connected with fatuity. The Greatest Creator has not created religion; religion is the emotional response of man.


After the unification of all religions, the Greatest Creator will exercise direct administration of mankind. Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, and Lao Tzu will not be forgotten; instead their wisdom will be further glorified.



Dream—what does it presages?


Dreamland is one of the 36-dimension time and spaces.


Dream is a phenomenon, behind which there is a hidden essence, as is the case with any phenomenon. It is the hidden essence that has caused the emergence of phenomenon. Mirage is only a phenomenon, but the essence that has caused the phenomenon of mirage is the Elysium World. Movement is a phenomenon, but the essence causing the occurrence of this phenomenon is instinct and gravitation. Man is also a phenomenon, and the essence prompting the emergence of man is the transmigration of life.


What is the essence of dream?


The essence of dream is the rehearsal and presage of future event.


Let’s first have a look at some examples about dream.


On an April night in 1865, Lincoln, the American well-known president had a dream, in which he discovered a crowd of people wailing when he strolled in the White House. He entered a room and found that his soldiers were guarding a corpse. He asked them whose body this was. They answered, “The president, he was assassinated.” The next day he told this dream to his wife and other people. Several days later this terrible dream came true. President Lincoln was assassinated.


Before the sailing of the famous passenger ship “Titanic”, a British merchant named Cannnon Middleton dreamed of the ship floating on the sea with upturned keels , crews and passengers around were swimming and floating. The next night he had the same dream, which prompted him to cancel the plan to travel by “Titanic”. Very soon, his dream became a reality.


In August 2002 I had this dream: I was walking on a strange road when suddenly a mass of cloud drifted over my head. I jumped up to pull the cloud down only to find that the cloud resembled a bundle of coiled cotton. I unfolded the bundle layer by layer and saw a new hat, a new suit of clothes, and a new pair of shoes in the bundle. The only thing lacking was a pair of trousers. The next day I told the dream to my wife, who grumbled, “That might not be a good omen.”


In the next few months, I busied myself madly for several people “who claimed to have lost the love of their fathers”. And they affectionately called me “dad”, but actually I was fooled and cheated, nearly ripped of all my belongings earned through years of hard work. This is really a case “Three decades of toil end up in nothing in a night’s time.”


Later upon reflection I came to realize the omen of this dream: new hat, new clothes, and new shoes foretold that I would have no hat, clothes, and shoes to wear. In the dream no trousers appeared, so I was left with a scanty amount of property to subsist on.


There is another story about dream. I cannot remember from which book I have read the story and what names the characters have. An influential official in one dynasty of China had a dream one night, in which he rode the carriage of the incumbent prime minister and the prime minister drove the carriage for him. But the prime minister moved only eight steps forward. When he awoke from the dream he analyzed his dream to some relevant people, saying that he would succeed the position of the prime minister and his tenure would last eight years. It later proved that his dream had come true as analyzed.


The above four examples shown that, far from being illusory and untrue, dreams are rehearsals and revelations of the future realities.


There are a large number of dreams in this aspect, which have been recorded in a lot of books, foreign or domestic, ancient or modern, especially in the Bible.


Actually if we are good at summarization, we will find that all our dreams are a demonstration of what is in store for us in future. Whether we can uncover their secrets depends on our analytical capability and telegnosis.


I find that China’s ancient book “Duke Zhou’s Interpretation of Dreams” is a very valuable book. The correlations between dreams and their predictions are almost correct. You may well have a try and interpret your own dreams with the help of this book.


The famous book “Interpretations of Dreams” by Freud has certain significance in psychological analyses, but it did an extremely poor job in analyzing the essence of dream. In the chapter “The Unconscious and Consciousness — Reality”, Freud says, “And how about the value of the dream for a knowledge of the future? That, of course, we cannot consider. One feels inclined to substitute: “for knowledge of the past.””


Many dreams are obviously predicting the future happenings, but Freud did not admit this. Many dreamlands have always been beyond the expectations of the dreamers, but Freud would stick to his opinion that “for knowledge of the past.”


The majority of people believe that dreams are fantasies and illusions emerging from their subconsciousness. But I would say that the visions of dreams are not scenes in the subconsciousness but rather the revelation of another time and space. Our fleshes are sleeping on bed but our spiritual beings have left our fleshes and entered another time and space. Let’s have a look at the following example.


An American businessman called Wilmott once took the passenger ship called Limerick and left Liverpool of England for America. One night he dreamed that his wife, whom he had not seen for a long time, came aboard his ship in sleep wear. She walked directly toward him and kissed him. When she attempted to sleep with him she spotted another man in the cabin. Thus she hesitated for a second and vanished. The next morning that man called William Ted who shared the cabin with him said to him, “Last night I saw you were with a woman”. And he forced Wilmortt to make clarifications as to whether he had secretly seduced any woman. Wilmortt was greatly surprised, “Last night I dreamed that my wife came to see me. Have you also had this dream and have seen the scenes of my dream?” What is even more amazing, when he returned to his home in New York, his wife told him that once she dreamed that she went aboard his ship and kissed him, but left when she discovered another man in the cabin.


Weird? Inconceivable?


The above is a typical dream. In fact, none of our dreams are illusory; instead they all have a solid existence. A story is thus recorded in a book. Two girls shared a room with two separate beds. One night one of the girls saw dimly a handsome man having sex with her roommate. The roommate was groaning with a great sense of comfort. Blushing shamefully, she quickly covered her head with the quilt. After a while when she had completely sobered up, she lifted the quilt to steal another glance but found that the man had left and her roommate was sleeping like a log.


The next morning she said to her roommate impatiently, “What have you done lastnight, be honest and tell me who that man was?” Completely taken aback, her roommate thought to herself, “How did she know what happened in my dream last night?” So she put a bold face, “What man? I have been sleeping on my bed all night. Stop talking nonsense.”


That girl rebuked, “I thought we were good friends for years. I saw clearly you were sleeping with a handsome man last night, why do you deny?”


Without choice her roommate told her that in her dream last night she could not resist the temptation of a handsome man and had an affair with him.


The matters in dreams are more complicated than those in the human world. One cannot explore all the secrets of dreams in his lifetime research. I have cited a few examples here to demonstrate to you that dreams are another time and space and another real world. By far, manis still at the initial stage in understanding dreams. Only if we believe in the Greatest Creator can we uncover the many secrets in the universe. Otherwise we will be like a swarm of aimless flies, and take a shot in the dark.



Mirage—the emergence of Elysium World


Scientists, especially meteorologists and opticists, may sniff at my conception of mirage as the emergence of Elysium World, criticizing me for not having the least knowledge of the refraction and total reflection of light.


Indeed I know very little about optics and meteorology, and I dare not to show off what I know in this aspect so that I won’t leave an impression of displaying my scarce skill before an expert.


Since I have my own definite understanding of the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the origin of man, and the 36-dimension space, I also have my own explanation for mirage, for which I hope to obtain the further analysis of experts in different perspectives.


What is mirage?


Mirage is the revelation of celestial being and Buddha to mankind. It is the appearance of the scenes of the Elysium World in 36-dimension space in human world. That is, mirage is the real situation that exists in Elysium World.


Some describe mirage as entirely imaginary, changeable and unpredictable, real yet illusory, and fairyland-like. The description is really to the point, and “fairyland-like” in particular has delineated the real situation of mirage. Strictly speaking, mirage is fairyland, and the “Elysium World of the West” preached by Buddhism is such a fairyland.


When fortunate people see endless ranges of mountains, borderless ocean, towering pavilions, pagodas, and towers, the appearing and disappearing cities and forts, serene landscapes from the seaside, the desert, the Gobi desert, or the lake, they will certainly have an inexpressible feeing for the beautiful heavenly visions. What are they? Where do they come from? Are they the paradise or the human world?


According to scientists, mirage is an optical phenomenon of the atmosphere. It is the result of the refraction and total reflection of light in the atmospheres of different densities. More accurately, after being illuminated by light the natural scenery on earth will be reflected into the atmosphere. As a result of the dramatic temperature changes in the desert or the ocean, the local air will form different densities. When the light reflected by an object enters the high-density air from the low-density air, the scenery on the earth will be projected in the air, just like the refraction of a chopstick in a bowl of water. Thus mirage is formed.


This explanation seems reasonable. But let me propose the following details and see what we can find.


All explanations point out that mirage results from the refraction or total reflection of the distant views. I want to ask where the distance is. How far away should the distance be?


There are records for many visions appearing in the sky. Have scientists found the similar sceneries in the distance that correspond to the mirage?


After the refraction, is the image positive image or an inverted image? If the reflection is an inverted image, why the image in the sky is positive image? If the reflection is an erect image after refraction, why is some mirage upside down?


Does the reflected light enter from the thinner medium into the dense medium or from the dense medium into the thinner medium? That is to say, is the light refracted from the sky downward or from the earth upward? If the objects on earth refract the light upward, the direction of the refraction can only be from the lower position to the higher position. Why does the refraction also occur in the upper-to-lower direction? Of course it can be said that after N times of refraction by the atmosphere the light can also be reflected from the upper to the lower position. This is only theoretically possible but practically unfeasible. If feasible, we may see mirages every day.


Some experts say that when exposed to the burning sun the sand in the desert will rise quickly in temperature because of its low specific heat. The lower air close to the sand will have a very high temperature, while the temperature of the upper air still remains very low, and thus the abnormal distribution of air temperature is formed. Since objects expand with heat and contract with cold, the lower hot air close to the sand has a very low density, while the upper cold air has a great density. As a result the refractive index of the air is small in the lower air and large in the upper air. If the light reflected by the higher object in the distance is continuously being refracted when entering the thinner lower air from the denser upper air, the angle of incidence will gradually increase until the appearance of total reflection when it reaches the critical angle.


This theoretical analysis seems tenable. My question is, if this theory tallies with the actual situation, then mirages will be frequently seen in the air above the desert, but why is it that in the air above the desert people cannot see a mirage for many decades? Do these deserts not fall within the scope of your theories?


Of course experts may argue that the desert should have special geographical and climatic environments for the happening of mirages. Without such conditions no mirage will occur even in the air above the desert.


Then my question is, what special conditions are necessary for the occurrence of mirages over the sky in the desert? And which desert on earth does not possess such special conditions?


Experts’ explanation for mirages happening over the sea goes like this: In summer, on the calm water surface the upper layer of air is very hot and has a small density because of its exposure to the sunlight, while the air close to the water has a lower temperature and greater density as a result of the influence of the water current. When the lower air and upper air has great differences in temperature and when the density is small in the upper air and great in the lower air, the mirage will happen when light reflected by the islands, towns, and ships in the surrounding horizons goes through upper-lower refraction or total reflection.


Yes, if in summer it is easy to form a thinner upper air and a dense lower air in the air over the sea, then how about autumn and winter? Why did mirage still happen over Penglai Peninsula on December 16, 2002, when the area of Shangdong Province was already in the season of winter?


Suppose the experts are right in their theory, then in summer all the upper air over the sea will be thinner and all the lower air over the sea will be denser, but why have mirages not appeared in the sky over the so many other stretches of seas?


In recent years mirages frequently appear in the sky over Shandong’s Penglai Peninsular. According to experts this is the result of “improvement and cleaning” of environment in recent years. Now Penglai has fresh air and clean environment, so mirages frequently occur there.


This must be politicians’ statement, not the conclusion of experts. If experts have come to such a conclusion, then please answer my question: Why did not mirages always occur in Penglai Peninsula before the age of industrial revolution on earth, during which period the air was even fresher and better in quality than it is today? Why did mirages occur only once every few years? What is the air of America’s Hawaii like if compared with that of Penglai? Then why don’t mirages always occur there?


Experts may reinforce their theory by saying, “The special natural environment of Penglai is the major reason attributable to the occurrence of mirages. There is no such environment in other places, so mirages are unlikely to appear.”


Suppose this explanation is correct, then please answer my question: if Penglai Peninsula has very special natural conditions, the visions of all the mirages should be basically the same images, but why is the image of each mirage different from the others? Is it possible that the natural environment of Penglai is changing every year?


As we have known about the refraction of light, the light will keep its direction and speed of diffusion when traversing the medium with an even density. When the light slants through two media with different densities, it will go through changes of speed and deflections of directions at the contact area or interface of the two media.


This theory is correct, but is not acceptable when it is used to explain the occurrence of mirages. In terms of aerosphere, there is difference of densities not only between troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, and exosphere, but also in the same aerosphere. In this case, refraction of light will certainly occur when the sun shines its light upon the earth. That is, just like the moon we see in the water, we can also see many illusory suns in the aerosphere. But why can’t we see them? The densities of the air are different not only during the day but also at night. When the bright moon is high in the sky we can see the reflected moon in the water, but why can’t we see the illusory reflections of the moon refracted in the different densities of the air?


My explanation for mirage is that mirage is not the refracted image of scenery on the ground but a contortion of time and space of the Elysium World, which has been purposefully arranged by the Greatest Creator to demonstrate to mankind: “Your sky is not an illusion, but another time and space, and another world. You mankind has a great future.”


When introducing the 36-dimension Elysium World, I have made it clear that the thousand-year world and ten-thousand-year world are at very distant places, but the Elysium World is close at hand. The entire earth and universe is the Elysium World. Namely, the earth, the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the the Rotary-River Galaxy and Law-Rotary Galaxy all belong to the Elysium World. All that we see are just illusory images—mirages, short-lived prosperity, flowers, grass, and trees, insects, birds and beasts, rivers, lakes, and seas, celestial bodies and the universe, and even human life. What place is not illusory? The answer: The Elysium World. “Emptiness is not emptiness and color is not color”. The smaller the energy, the more definite the form; the greater the energy, the less definite the form. Hence, “Great form has no contour”.


Why can’t we see the Elysium World? It is because our eyes do not have the needed structure. Can we see ultraviolet and infrared? Can we see electromagnetic waves and biological waves? Can we see Gama rays and beta rays? We are in a wonderful world (the Elysium World), and we have seen less than 3% of the surrounding world. Why can’t we see everything in the world? It is because our “merits and virtues” have not yet reached that standard. Just like somebody’s question, “Why can’t we live in the White House, Kremlin, and Zhongnanhai?” Why? Try to find the answer by yourself.


I have some information here, which may help us to know about time and space.


“On January 28, 1915, a Turkish army was marching toward Position No. 60 in Gallipoli. When they had ascended the hill, several masses of clouds descended vertically to hang over the whole hill. Metal-like rays of light seemed to have shot out from among the clouds. Then was the time of magic. The gallant troops in high spirit strode into the clouds and disappeared one by one. A soldier named Richard who fell behind the ranks was terrified to see such a frightening scene. He yelled at them, trying desperately to stop the march of his comrades. However, it seemed that they turned a deaf ear to him and entered the clouds as if were spellbound. After a moment, the masses of clouds ascended slowly and vertically and drifted away into the distance. The hill still remained, but the whole corps lost their traces.


They have vanished into thin air. Where have they gone?


They have entered the mirage.


In 1994, an Italian airliner suddenly vanished from the radar screen of the control room when it flied over African coast. A short time later, it reappeared on the screen. When the plane landed on the airport, the man on duty asked the pilot what had happened during the flight. Why it failed to be tracked? The airscrew felt at a loss, because their flight had been smooth and no accident or trouble had occurred. Later someone accidentally discovered that his watch was 20 minutes slower. The investigation revealed that the watches of all the crew and 315 passengers were all 20 minutes slower.


What has happened? Where have they been in the 20 minutes? Why were they not aware of what had happened? Why can’t the screen display what has happened?


As I have discussed in “Time and Space of the Universe”, time can be divided into transverse time and longitudinal time. Longitudinal time is the time of the material world and transverse time is the time of nonmaterial world. We humans live in the longitudinal time, which resembles the X axis of the complex function. The transverse time is like the Z axis of the complex function. When a person or object vanishes from the longitudinal time, it has entered the transverse time and space. Whenever he (it) comes back, he will still return to the original point of time. But for us, maybe a year, a decade or several hundred years have passed.


The Italian airliner has vanished for 20 minutes because they have entered the transverse time and space. For the plane and people aboard, it may be a wink of the eye, so they could not realize that they have once disappeared, but for the person in the control room of the airport, it has been twenty minutes.


What is the transverse time and space? Mirage is the transverse time and space.


During my childhood, my grandma told me a story: A woodman got lost one day when he was collecting firewood in the mountain. Having sauntered in the mountain for a long time, he suddenly discovered two old men completely immersed in a chess game on a beautiful slope. He did not intend to disturb them, but squatted beside them and watched them play. All was so auspicious and natural. The only thing puzzling him is that the leaves close by were endlessly changing their colors—yellow for one moment but green for the next. After a long spell, when he returned his gazes from the distance to what is near him, the two old men had vanished from his sight. He trembled with fear, and suddenly realized that this was a familiar place where he had been collecting firewood many times. Once aware of his place, he walked home along the familiar path.


When he approached the village, he found that great changes had taken place in his village. Doubting whether this was his own village, he headed for his home along the path in his memory. But on his way every one he met just gazed at him like a stranger. He could not recognize any of them either. Suspecting that he might have come to the wrong village, he inquired about his original village from people he met. All echoed that this was the village that he asked about. He asked whether they knew such and such a person. They answered who was whose grandpa and who was whose grandma and that all of them had passed away. When he asked about himself, he was told that he was whose grandpa and had never come back from his trip to the mountain to gather firewood when he was young.


Now let’s analyze why the woodman got lost when he was gathering firewood in the mountain he was familiar with. The reason was that he had suddenly entered the mirage, which had a different environment from his former one. Thus he would certainly get lost. Why did he suddenly realize where he was after a cold shiver? This was because the mirage had disappeared and he was again standing on the familiar place. Some he suddenly awakened to his world. Now that he had the luck to enter the mirage (Elysium World), why did he not disappear together with the mirage? It was because his psychic energy had not measured up to the standard for living entirely in the Elysium World. Then why was he permitted to witness the scenes in the Elysium World? It was because he had suck a luck. The two old men playing chess must have been his relative or friends, who had come to reveal to him that although he was not presently entitled to live in the Elysium World, the Elysium World actually existed and that he could realize the existence and laid foundation for his future entrance into the Elysium World.


This is the story about time and space. The woodman has entered another domain of time and space. When he returned from the transverse time, he was still his old self, but the longitudinal time of the human world had passed hundreds of years.


Thus, mirage is only a revelation of the Elysium World. People who have seen the mirage has had the luck to witness the scenes of the Elysium World although they have not entered its domain.


The mirage will appear not only in the sky but also on the ground. The two old men’s chess playing was a mirage unfolding on the ground. Even if there were many people in the mountain at that time, no one except the woodman could see the mirage, just like the phantasms appearing in the head of a person who has taken heroin. He has truly seen the scenes although others claim to have seen nothing.


People who saw the mirage are lucky. If we can understand from the mirage that there are different visions in different time and spaces, we can open up our thinking and realize that our human world is only a material world in the time and space of the universe and that there are many more beautiful worlds apart from this material world. Then why don’t we set off for the more beautiful world.


The Greatest Creator has not treated us only as a batch of animals. He has revealed to people with greater telegnosis another serene and glorious road of life. God Jesus and Buddha Sakyamuni are not fooling us. All tricksters have only personal interest in mind, but are Jesus and Sakyamuni pursuing personal gains? They have abandoned all their worldly belongings, so why should they deceive us? You can cheat the wealthy people for their money and fool those in power to get certain advantage. But what good is there to cheat us– who have nothing at all?



Why is the mysterious Bermuda so enigmatic?


I am not at all surprised and suspicious at the mysterious and strange phenomena in geography because more than two decades ago I personally witnessed a miraculous scene on “Ci’er Mountain” in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.


I was studying at a school in Zhangjiakou then. I used to invited several classmates to go climbing on Sundays. Once half way up the mountain, we saw three closely linked caves at the intervals of less than half a meter, each of them about one meter wide. We looked into the caves out of curiosity. I did not remember which cave we looked first. I only remembered that in one cave cold wind blew on our faces, in another cave droplets of water were dripping into the small ponds inside the cave, and in the third cave there was neither wind nor water but the cave was covered with ice. We stood beside the caves, fantasizing the formation of such strange scenes. It was at the turn of spring and summer, the ice in the cave should have long been melted. Where did the ice come from? Besides, why was there no ice in other two caves? What is even more bewildering was where the wind was from.


Laden with suspicions and bewilderment, we came down the mountain like someone who had discovered a new continent and asked a local, “Do you know that there are three odd caves in this mountain?”


“Yes, sure”, he smiled, “One is the wind cave, another is the water cave, and the third is the ice cave. They have been there ever since I was capable of remembering. This mountain is called “Ci’er Mountain”. Kowtow in front of the caves and you will be bestowed with a son in the future.”


Wow! Too miraculous! Later on when I thought of that, I often asked myself whether it was because I always kowtowed in “Ci’er Mountain” that I have been bestowed with son. “Ci’er Mountain” is a mountain of gospel. Bermuda, however, is not a place where one can pray for blessing. Bermuda Triangle has been called “Devil’s Triangle”, “Death Triangle”, “Graveyard for Ships and Planes”, “Black Hole on Earth”, and the like.


Then what is Bermuda? What is Bermuda Triangle? Why does it have so appalling nicknames?


Bermuda is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean consisting of more than 360 islands.


Bermuda Triangle refers to the triangular maritime space formed by Bermuda Islands in the north, Puerto Rico of the Caribbean Sea in the south and American Florida Peninsula in the west.


Bermuda has been called “Death Delta” because a lot of mysterious shipwrecks and plane crashes have frequently happened in this area. The selected several reports to help you to realize the mysteries of Bermuda.


“How appalling and mysterious the sea area of Bermuda Triangle can be? As early as 500 years ago, the famous explorer Columbus encountered magical and formidable natural scenes there. It was in 1500 when Columbus was on his fourth voyage to America. En route he passed the sea area of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. One day he walked out of the cabin and stood on the deck with his companions to enjoy the beautiful scenery on sea. At the time the sky was as clear as could be, the sea was calm like a mirror, which reflected the bright moonlight. The sea sprays surging against the ship looked like piles of snow-white pearls. The blending of the expansive water and sky elicited a refreshing and energizing sense. Columbus and his teammates were intoxicated with the beautiful and charming scenes on sea when suddenly a dramatic change of weather happened. Instantly the sky became overcast, the gales blasted, the sea water built up into crests of dozens of meters and crashed against the deck like crushing water walls. At that time, it seemed that the ship was navigating through the gorge, where no sunlight was visible. With the ship bumping violently on the sea, Columbus was nervously commanding the sailors, attempting to bring the ship to the nearest berth along the coast of Florida. Although all people aboard made concerted efforts to turn the course of navigation, all the navigation equipment in the ship failed to function at that moment. All the sailors felt confused and disoriented. Without the direction, the ship acted like a runaway horse, no longer at the command of the sailors. They could do nothing but let it drift, praying that they could escape from the treacherous situation. Luckily they finally managed to get out of the raging wind and surging waves after days and nights of struggle. All went back to normal, and the ship sailed forward steadily and smoothly. Columbus has made a detailed description of this breathtaking encounter in his logbook.


The earliest record of the mysterious disappearance of ships and sailors in Bermuda Triangle is that of a French sailing boat Low Charlie discovered in the sea area near Bermuda in August 1840. With raising of all the sails, the boat that carried fruits and brocades and other cargoes remained intact, without the slightest damage to the hull. But there was no trace of men aboard. The only living creature was the canary almost starved to death. No one knew what had happened to the boat and where the people on board had gone.”


“Later in 1872 similar inexplicable event also happened here. A accident happened to a brigantine Maria100 sea miles west of Azores. The boat sent signals for help. Eleven days later when the boat was discovered, there was not a single man aboard, the tables in the dining room, however, were still laid with lush food like bread and butter. In the cups there was still water and coffee left. The clocks on the wall were still ticking. There were still vials containing machine oil on the sewing machines. All this indicated that the boat had not encountered any powerful rainstorm. How can we explain these phenomena?


“In December 1945, on a flight training captain Taylor of America’s nineteenth aerocade led 14 pilots in five avenger torpedo bombers to take off from Fort Lauderdale airport. As an experienced pilot with 2599 hours of flight, he had no difficulty at all in accomplishing such training tasks. But when the aerocade flew over Bahamas, the base suddenly received the calling of Captain Taylor, “My compass has failed functioning! I am over the unconnected land”. In the following two hours, the radio communications were frequently interrupted, but they still could know from the signals that they were flying north or east. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the headquarters received Taylor’s calling, “I can not figure out my position. I am not clear where I am”. Then the signals of electric waves became weaker until dead. Feeling that something must have gone wrong, the headquarters immediately dispatched a hydroaeroplane to conduct searching. Half an hour later, the people on an oil tanker saw a ball of flames. The hydroaeroplane had crashed. In a short period of 6 hours, six planes and fifteen pilots had vanished into thin air. There was nothing that could account for the disappearance and the American authorities were shocked. The military was determined to thoroughly investigate the accident. The next day 300 planes and 21 naval ships and aircraft carriers conducted the largest scale of search within six million square kilometers of the sea area. The scope of the search included every stretch of the sea area from Bermuda to Mexico Gulf. The five-day search failed to discover any traces of the six planes.


“In 1935, the sailors of the Italian cargo ship Lex saw an American sailboat Radarhomer engulfed gradually by the surfs. But five days later they saw with their own eyes the same sailboat float on the sea.”


“Another prominent case is the disappearance of the American Navy’s supporting ship Single-eyed in March 1918, which carried manganese. The huge cargo ship had 309 sailors and was equipped with the best radio devices of the time. But it vanished without sending any signal for help.”


“In 1951, when searching in this sea area for a warship they lost here, a Brazilian hydroaeroplane discovered a massive black object moving past under the water of Bermuda at an astonishing speed.”


“In February 1977, a pilot flying a private hydroaeroplane discovered that the needle of the compass deflected dozens of degrees when the plane was over the Bermuda sea area. The people who were having their meals discovered that the knives and forks in the plates also became bended. After leaving the area, they also found that strong noise was recorded in the tape of the cassette recorder.”


“A captain of American Shipwreck Salvation Company said that once when his ship passed the sea area of Bermuda the index on the compass suddenly swayed violently. The power of the running diesel engine suddenly vanished. The surging billows dashed and heaved vehemently. The ship was surrounded by dense fog. He ordered his steersman to drive the ship at full speed. Ultimately the ship dashed out of the dense fog. But the waves outside that sea area was actually not high and there was no fog. He said that he had never encountered such strange things.”


“In 1943, a doctor called Giusa conducted an experiment with the collaboration of the American Navy. He used two magnetic force generators to create very powerful magnetic force. When the magnetic generators were turned on, green mist arose around the ship. Both the ship and people had received certain stimulus. Some people recovered after treatment, while Giusa killed himself after the experiment. The result was also inconclusively”


“In 1979, a joint investigation team consisting of the American and French scientists discovered a tremendous underwater pyramid in the Bermuda sea area. According to the photos taken by the persons dispatched by CharlesBliz,the honorary curator of America’s Miami Museum, the underwater pyramid was even greater than the great pyramid of Egypt. There were two black holes in the pyramid, through which the sea water flowed at a very high speed.


Why have the ships and planes vanished mysteriously without any traces left behind? Why have all the people on board disappeared and yet the boat and other things on board have remained intact?


All this goes back to two billion years ago, when the Greatest Creator dispatched the many angels (celestial being and Buddha) led by god to create the life-forms other than human beings on earth. These angels constructed many life-creating laboratories—pyramids in Bermuda and Pacific and the Atlantic along the 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude. After 5 billion years, they completed all projects and evacuated from the earth. At that time these regions were not seas but temperate continent with a climate of spring all the year around. In order to keep the secrets, they dealt with the sites before evacuation in a manner similar to children’s clay molding and the cook’s paste-making. All the places constructed with pyramids subsided beneath the sea and the ocean rose to become continent. The various continents of today came into being 1.5 billion years ago. The roof of the world Himalayas was also a masterpiece of the time.


Just like the pyramids of Egypt, Bermuda and other areas have also adopted measures to prevent the access of people. As to the secrets therein, we can only understand them from the dimensions of time and space. Please refer to “Time and Space of the Universe” for details.



The pharaoh’s curses—the constraint from god


Then what punishment will be met out for those daring to break into the pyramid?


By the pharaoh’s curse, all those interlopers would be killed so that no secrets could be leaked.


Then what is the pharaoh’s curse?


When Carter and others entered a spacious chamber beneath the pyramid, they discovered a clay board on which was written, “Death will spread its wings to strangle any one daring to disturb the peace of the pharaoh”.


On another statue was carved,“ I am the one who guard the tomb of Tutankhamen and fight against the tomb robbers away with the help of burning desert”


The above are the two curses from the pharaoh.


Then can the pharaoh’s curse really cast an irresistible spell? Let’s look at some of the examples collected.


Kamoroer who was responsible for the excavation died suddenly of serious illness soon after the tomb was opened on December 5, 1922. His sister wrote in her memoir, “I heard him crying with high fever ‘I have heard his calling, I will follow him” before his death.


Another responsible person Carter died at the age of 65 in 1939 without being cursed, yet his favorite pet canary was bitten to death by a snake one day. His daughter hanged herself shortly after her father’s death, leaving a suicide note, “I can no longer endure the curse.” In addition, one of Carter’s assistant died suddenly of pulmonary disease three years after the excavation. Another assistant died suddenly at the age of 45 in 1929.


The British investor of the excavation project Canabon died miserably of an insect bite within half a year after the completion of the project. At the time, the nurse attending him heard him crying before his death, “I am over, because I have already heard the calling.” Later the nurse also died inexplicably.


Six months after his death, his half brother captain Hebard committed suicide because of schizophrenia.


In 1939, his mother-in-law also died suddenly, said to be of an insect bite too.


The American railway magnate Gruder died suddenly of plague shortly after visiting the mausoleum.


The zillionaire of South Africa Theo drowned himself unexpectedly shortly after he returned to the yacht from the visit of the gold mask of Tutankhamen on the excavation site of the tomb.


Professor Richard who conducted the X-ray examination of the mummy of the pharaoh died of a high fever a few days after the examination work.


Curator of Cairo Museum Mechelen died barely four weeks after he claimed that he did not believe in curses. The doctor confirmed that he died of a heart attack.


By the end of 1923, twenty two people participated in the excavation died unexpectedly of sudden illnesses consecutively.


In 1971, the archaeologist Emery died shortly after being attacked by total paralysis on his unsuccessful trip to search for the ancient tombs 30 kilometers south of Cairo.


Professor Dormethren who entered the tomb to copy the inscriptions also met tragic death.


The culture relic administrator of the Egyptian government was injured by an automobile and died in hospital three days later because he had agreed to have Tutankhamen’s mementoes exhibit in Paris outside Egypt to. His daughter was also killed in a traffic accident.


Doctor Meoheris preparing “Egyptian Antique Exhibition” died suddenly at home one week after he signed the exhibition agreement.


The two pilots died successively of heart attack shortly after airlifting Tutankhmun’s mementoes.


When the gold mask was on display in America’s San Francisco, a police officer was suddenly hospitalized because of heart attack. When asked the reason, he said, “It seems that something behind the mask was exerting a force that makes one tremble with fear when standing in front of it.”


Mr. Moser, who had helped push over a major wall, contracted a disease analogous to nerve disorder and died. The people who died successively also include Reed who conducted the first X-ray examination of the pharaoh’s body and the American zillionaire Woolf.


According to investigation, the sudden deaths of at least 40 archaeologists were related to the mausoleum of the pharaoh.


The above is only a record of the deaths of some celebrated people. How about other anonymous participants? Many must have died unknowingly. But because of anonymity, no one would bother to explore the reason of death.

在1923 年发掘出图坦卡蒙陵墓前的1900前后,有人在埃及古墓中发掘出一个石头棺材,这个石棺上刻着一句话:“凡是碰到这具石棺的人都会遭难,或将被海水吞没。”确实,参与者们几乎都接二连三不明不白地死了,后来石棺被一美国富翁购买,于1912年3月将石棺装进了“泰坦尼克号”,准备运到美国展出,万没想到的是,泰坦尼克号巨轮在大海上航行时突然撞上不知从哪而冒出来的一座冰山,石棺连同巨轮一起“被海水吞没。”

Around 1900 years before the excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1923, someone excavated a stone coffin in Egypt’s ancient tomb, on which was inscribed, “Whoever has touched this stone coffin will be met with disaster or be drowned in the sea.” Indeed, participants have died unexpectedly one after another. Later the stone coffin was bought by an American zillionaire and was taken abroad “Titanic” bound for America in March 1912. It never occurred to people that Titanic collided on the sea unexpectedly with an iceberg appearing out of nowhere and the stone coffin was swallowed along with the large ship.


The above is a collection of materials concerning the deaths of personnel related to Egypt’s tombs. Please use your own discretion as to the truth of the materials. If you don’t believe them, you may well try out the results by gong to embrace the gold mask of Tutankhamen or personally visit the ancient mausoleum.


Since the pyramid is the “womb” for the birth of mankind, filled with unlimited mysteries, which once discovered by man, will have a direct bearing on the question of whether man should continue to exist on earth. Just like the modern “cloning technology”, the mass reproduction of man will pose a direct threat to the balance of various space life-forms and destroy the “transmigration order” of life. Man should be kept from taking such risks.


If the dogs we keep in our homes gradually acquire the wisdom of man, then shall we continue to keep them or dispose of them?


If a curious person wants to pry into the top secrets of the defense ministry, we will first adopt protective measures like guards and electronic protection. But what shall we do if he has already gained access to the confidential chamber? Shall we watch helplessly and let him expose the top secrets?


Prying into others’ secrets is an extremely dangerous act, and a stupid behavior that asks for unnecessary troubles. The secret pryers may suffer the punishments corresponding to the levels of the secrets, like intimidation, tongue cutting, exoculation, imprisonment, and killing


Let’s behave in an honest manner and keep ourselves from being misled by curiosity to death. All mystery will ultimately be revealed. But it takes time to do so. Now it is not time yet for people to pry into such secrets. When opportunity strikes, certainly someone will explain the secrets.


Any one who is proficient in “cloning technology… I’d better keep quiet here. Just think it over.


Well, that’s all for my talk about the pyramid and the pharaoh’s curses. Can we sense the existence of the Greatest Creator from these mysterious phenomena?



What do the mysterious pyramids show?


There have existed nearly 1,000 pyramids on the earth inhabited by man. There are pyramids not only in the desert of Egypt, but also in the area between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude in the Pacific Ocean, in the area between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude in the Atlantic Ocean, at 30 degrees south latitude of the Indian Ocean, in the south of Japan’s Honshu, along the Mediterranean and Portugal’s coastal area, and in southeast Africa, west coast of Australia, and north coastal area of New Zealand in south Hemisphere.


Pyramids were not built by man and nor built by the ancestors of man. It is the Greatest Creator who inspired God to build the pyramids and it is God who then dispatched angels (celestial being and Buddha) to build the pyramids. If it is difficult to understand this, it can also be said that they were built by “aliens”.


There is only one purpose:—receiving and accumulating the energy from the universe and supplying the energy for the making of life and man on earth. It can be said that pyramids are the laboratories and cultivation sites for the making of life and man.


The pyramids of Egypt were designed and built for the creation of man. Other pyramids were built for the creation of other life-forms. Since different life-forms need different energies, the foundations of pyramids are not all squares. Some are triangles, pentagons, and hexagons.


The pyramids of Egypt have only a history of 12,000 years, while other pyramids are two billion years old.


Please refer to “Origin of Life” and “Origin of Man” if you want to understand how pyramids were built and why they were built along the 30 degrees south latitude and 30 degrees north latitude.

我在中学当英语教师时给学生教过课本上有关金字塔的一篇文章,当时我尚未开悟,但金字塔神奇的一面,特别是几吨重的大石头的运输和石头与石头之间缝隙的紧密度令我百思不得其解,说埃及几十万人花了几十年的时间才造出了“胡夫金字塔”,我持怀疑态度。后来我身上发生的一系列的事件和梦中的情景及静思时意识中出现的奇异片段终于使我开悟,一下子宇宙的起源、上帝的起源、生命的起源、人类的起源、36维空间等等如潮水般涌了出来,而一旦这些涌了出来,我就不是我了, 一股强大的力量迫使我按照“他”的意识行事,我现在的感觉就象是一个机器人的感觉,一个奴仆的感觉,我不得不写,不停地写,只有把我脑子里的东西大纲式地写出来,我才能感到轻松,否则,会让我变疯的。

When I was an English teacher at a middle school I once taught my students an article about pyramids. I was not enlightened then, but I was fascinated by the mystery of the pyramids. I could not figure out how the stones, each weighing several tons, were transported and why they fitted so well. I held a suspicion about the notion that it took hundreds of thousands of Egyptians dozens of years to complete the “Pyramid of Khufu”. Later, enlightenment dawned on me after a series of events happened to me, after I encountered some dream scenes, and after I conducted some meditations. The origin of universe, the origin of the Greatest Creator, the origin of life, the origin of man, 36-dimension space—all these and more gushed out like floods. I was not feeling myself any more. A powerful force is propelling me to act according to “his” will. I am now feeling like a robot and a servant. I have to keep writing. I won’t feel relaxed until I have poured out what is in my mind, even if in a manner of outline. Otherwise I will be mad.


I have collected an article about pyramids—“The Abode under Clear Clouds”, which is -attached here unabridged for your reflection and analysis.


There are about 80 pyramids dotting the west bank of the lower reaches of Nile. They are the mausoleums of the pharaohs (kings) of ancient Egypt. In Egyptian language, “pyramid” means “high”. Seen from any direction, the pyramid is an isosceles triangle tapering from the bottom to the top, resembling a Chinese character for “gold”. Hence people vividly call it “Jin Zi Tower”.

一. 浩繁的工程

Ⅰ An incredibly complicated project


The greatest pyramid is the mausoleum of the pharaoh Khufu in the fourth dynasty. Built around 2700 B.C., the pyramid is 146.5 meters high, which is equivalent to a 40-story skyscraper. The foundation of the pyramid is a square, and the length of each side is 230.6 meters. The pyramid covers an area of about 52,900 square meters.


The great pyramid is made up of about 2.3 million stone pieces of different sizes. The lightest weighs 1.5 tons, the average weight of the stone pieces is 2.5 tons, and the total weight of the pyramid is 6.848 million tons. 978,286 seven-ton trucks will be needed to carry all the stones. If connected one by one, the total length of these trucks will be 6,200 kilometers, which is longer than the length from Hainan Island in the south of China to Mohe River in the north of China and longer than the length from Pamirs in the west of China to Shanghai in the east of China. The trucks can line the whole length of the Yangtze River from its upper reaches of Tuotuo River to Wusongkou in its lower reaches.


Pyramid of Khafre is the second largest pyramid, three meters lower than the Great Pyramid. Beside Khafre there stands a gigantic stone carving—Sphinx. It is said that Khafre, the third Pharaoh of Egypt’s fourth dynasty, was inspecting in 2610 B.C. his mausoleum to be completed when he discovered a discarded megalith in the quarry. He ordered the stonemason to sculpt this statue according to his physiognomy.


The statue is 22 meters tall and 75 meters long. It wears a “Onesimus crown. On its forehead there is a relief of a sacred snake. Under its chin is trailing a beard more than five meters long. The statue is stately and mysterious.


When Napoleon occupied Egypt in 1798, he ordered the Sphinx to be bombarded with gunneries. However, it remained unmoved, but for a few broken beards, which are now preserved in British Museum. According to Napoleon’s rough estimate, if the stone pieces of the three neighboring pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure were used to build a stone wall three meters high and one meter thick, this can encircle the entire France.


Where did the massive number of stone pieces come from? The investigations show that ordinary stone pieces might have been quarried in the local place but the 115,000 pieces of top quality white limestone used on the outer layer might have been obtained from the quarry on the east bank of Nile. The granite in the tomb chamber might have been quarried from Aswan 500 miles away.


The quarrying, transporting, loading and offloading of stone pieces needed not only a great number of stonemasons, builders, transportation workers, and sailors, but also a considerable number of engineers, construction crew and management team. An army with adequate power of suppression was also necessary. Moreover, these people needed food, clothing, shelter, and consumption, so there should be a massive team of service people. Of course, this group did not include old people, women, and children who had weaker power of labor; neither did it include idle monks and nobles.


According to an estimate, a national power of 50 million people would be needed to support such a construction project, but it is generally believed that the total population of the world would not exceed 20 million at around 3000 B.C.


What’s more, there are more than 80 pyramids discovered. Even if a pyramid could be completed in thirty years, as Herodotus has said in “History”, a total of 2400 years would be needed. Can Egypt sustain such massive consumption over such a long period?


Ⅱ The mystery of transportation


The most pressing and realistic problem was transportation. Even if Egypt had adequate manpower, it could not transport to the worksite the megaliths weighing 2.5 tons to 160 tons. Were they carried by carts and driven by horses? No, at that time there were no carts and horses in Egypt. Horses and carts were introduced from abroad in the 16th century B.C., namely 1000 years after the building of Pyramid of Khufu.


Some believed that the stone pieces were transported via rolling transportation with crow plates and logs. But this method requires a large quantity of timber. However, at that time the trees in Egypt were mainly palms, which could not satisfy the need of transportation in terms of quantity, growth speed, and rigidity. And it was almost impossible to import timbers.


Some people believe that the stones were transported by water. In 1980, Havas, the superintendent-in-chief of Giza Historic Sites in Egypt, conducted sampling of core. When the drilling reached more than 100 feet, he discovered a rock at least 50 meters deep, which was possibly the port excavated in the fourth dynasty of Egypt. Later some people also discovered the water course connecting the port. However, without pulleys, winches, and adequately advanced hoisting devices, it would be more difficult to transport such cumbersome megaliths by downhilling, embarking, disembarking, transporting than move them over land. In addition there was at least more than 50 feet of fall between the water surface and the cliff bank. And the stone materials from the east bank of the Nile were indispensable to the building of pyramids in the west bank of the Nile.


Could they have transported materials by air apart from land and water transportation? This is really a mystery.


A French industrial chemist has conducted research of the pyramids from the chemical and microscopic perspectives. According to him, these stone pieces are not an integrated mass, but are bonded together with lime, rock, and shells. Since the bond has very powerful adhesiveness, people cannot distinguish the stone pieces are natural or artificial. This will surely solve the difficult problem of transportation. But the 2.5-centimeter human hair discovered between the stone pieces is still not adequate as evidence for the use of bond. And this kind of bond has not been recorded in ancient books, and the chemist has not obtained any result from the analysis that employed modern means.


Ⅲ The mystery of construction


Legend has it that Imhotep, the designer and architect of the pyramid, is the first talent in history that transcended his time. His talent has surpassed the time by such an extent as to cause our natural amazement and suspicion.


It is extremely difficult to turn a gigantic protruding rock into a 52,900-square-meter foundation of the pyramid. They have completed the survey and construction of the foundation without the help of gradienters, power equipment, and modern meterages. The four hemlines of the foundation have a discrepancy of less than 20 centimeters, and the error rate is less than one thousandth. There is only a difference of 1.27 centimeters between its heights in southeast corner and northwest corner, and the error rate is less than one ten thousandth. The force position error between its east-west axis and north-south axis is no more than five arc seconds. They did not have units of measurement except for arm’s length as a measurement unit (300 arms’ length equals approximately 155 meters). It is really puzzling that they could construct with such accuracy.


In order to ensure the ever lasting of the pyramid, the designers did not use a single pole or a nail to avoid hidden trouble because wood is liable to decay and iron is susceptible to rusting. There are not any bonding materials between stone pieces but they fit perfectly. Even the thinnest blade cannot stick in.


How the chunks of stone were hoisted and placed one upon another is an even more mysterious subject that provokes endless guesses.


Some people said that a wood boat-shaped tool was used to lever the megaliths up and laid them one after another. But where did the fulcrum and ropes that could lift several, dozens of, or even more than a hundred tons of stone come from?


Some people claimed that sand-filling method was employed. Sand was piled along the pyramid’s foundation. The sand pile would rise with the height of the foundation and acted as scaffolds. After the pyramid was accomplished, the sand would be cleared away.


Now let’s work on a mathematical problem:


The 146-meter pyramid is a tirus?? with a square bottom and a pointed top. The foundation of the pyramid is a square with a side length of 230 meters. Question: What is its volume? If the periphery of the foundation is surrounded with sand to form a slope for the transport of stone and the angle of the slope is 30 or 25 degrees, then how long will be the hemline of the sand pile? Suppose the height of sand pile is also 146 meters, how many cubic meters of sand will be needed? Where does all this massive amount of sand come from? Besides, the filling and removing of the sand would double the work load.


Some people said that salt-filling method was employed with the same procedure as sad-filling method. After the pyramid was completed water could be used to dissolve the salt and there was no need to move it away. But it would be much more difficult to obtain so much salt. In addition, a storm would melt away a whole salt slope.


It is also believed that the mud bricks of the Nile were used to build the twisting slopes, which rose layer by layer. The result was similar to that of the sand slope, the only difference being that mud bricks were less available than sand. There is an entrance 13 meters from the ground in the north of the pyramid. Ever since the ninth century, tomb robbers, explorers, and investigators have frequented the pyramids in close successions. However, its inner structure remains a mystery. There are labyrinth-like passageways and tomb chambers inside the pyramid. The walls are smooth, decorated with reliefs. The passageways have neatly constructed steps extending like venation toward the tomb chambers deep underground. The chamber has ventholes leading outside the pyramid. It is said that the “soul” of the dead can freely enter and go out of the pyramid through these holes. Strangely, the two ventholes aim at Draco (eternity) and Orion (resurrection) respectively. They are probably the places where soul is spiritualized. Three such chambers have been discovered, while archaeologists believe that there are at least four more chambers to be discovered. Could people four thousand years ago accomplish such ingenious and exquisite designs and conceptions?


Most surprisingly, there have been no traces of torches used for lighting in any mausoleum. Archaeologists have used modern instruments to analyze the dusts that have been accumulated for 4,600 years. No ashes have been discovered, neither are there any traces suggesting that soot have been scraped off. We should know that these instruments can analyze the one millionth of the chemical ingredients inside each particle of dust. They could not have carved reliefs, cleaned chambers, or moved the corpse of the pharaoh in total darkness. What kind of lighting have they used? Until now we have found no clues in this aspect.


Ⅳ The mystery of figures


Archaeologists, architects, geographers, and physicists have been puzzled by the accurate equations revealed in several figures.


Equation 1: the 15th power of (pyramid) deadweight×l0 =the weight of the earth


Equation 2: (pyramid) height×10 billion=the distance from the earth to the sun (1.5 billion kilometers)


Equation 3: (pyramid) the square of the height=the area of the triangle surface


Equation 4: (pyramid) the perimeter of the bottom: height=circumference ratio: radius


Equation 5: (pyramid) the perimeter of the bottom×2=longitude in time at the equator.


Equation 6: (pyramid) the perimeter of the bottom ÷(height ×2)=circumference ratio (∏=.3.l4l59)


Who would believe that these figures are just cases of coincidences?


Furthermore, the longitude running through the pyramid is the meridian of the earth, a line that divides the land and oceans into equal halves. The foundations of the pyramids are located rightly in the gravitation center of each continent.


In addition, the dimension of the great pyramid and the magnitude of the north hemisphere are extremely similar in proportions. Thus it has been inferred that Egyptians have worked out the oblateness of the earth 4,000 years ago.


The positions of axes of the earth’s two poles are changing every day, but after a cycle of 25,827 years they return to their original positions. The sum of the diagonals of the pyramid is rightly 25,826.6.


We know that the Pythagorean Law was not discovered until 1000 years after the completion of the pyramid and that not until 3000 years later did Zu Chongzhi work out the circumference ratio to such accuracy. The accurate calculation of the ratio came out in the west until the 16th century. Columbus discovered “America” 4000 years after the completion of the pyramid. And from then people began to have an initial understanding of the distribution of oceans and land in the world. Today nearly 5,000 years after the completion of the pyramid we are finally able to work out the weight of the earth, and the distance between the sun and the earth… but how could people 4,500 years ago conduct such accurate calculations?


Ⅴ The mystery of its long-lasting existence


It is said that of the seven great wonders of the ancient world, some have collapsed and some have disappeared with the passage of time, and only the pyramids have stood the test of time and still stand towering. What is the secret for its permanent existence?


Let’s first do an experiment: pour slowly a certain amount of rice, sand, and gravel respectively, soon three cones will be formed. Although they are different in quality, they are quite similar in shape. If you conduct a measurement, you will find that their cone angles are all 52 degrees. This naturally formed angle is the most stable angle and is called “the limiting angle and stable angle of natural falling”. Strangely, the angles of the pyramid are exactly 51.50.9 degrees. This shows that it has been built according to “limiting angle and stable angle”.


The wind in the desert is vehement. Because of the pyramid’s unique shape, the swift and fierce wind cannot but climb slowly along the bevel or edges and corners and the wind-receiving surface of the pyramid becomes smaller from bottom to top. The wind-receiving surface approaches zero at the top of the pyramid. This unique shape has minimized the destructive power of wind by avoiding the direct contact with the fierce force of nature.


It is also known that the deflecting influence of the magnetic line may cause the collapse of buildings or even high mountains. The foundation of this pyramid is rightly in the center of the line of magnetic force. Thus the foundation will move with the magnetic line and move with the movement of the earth. As a result it bears only very weak swing and the earthquake has very limited effect on it.


The mystery of the pyramid’s stability lies in the angle of 52 degrees, the shape of tirus, and the position of in-phase movement with the line of magnetic force. But who can tell us how people 4500 years ago knew that the angle of 52 degrees was the stable angle? How did they know the use of tirus could solve the battering of desert storm? How did they know that they could place the massive foundation in the center of magnetic line?


Ⅵ Microwave resonating cavity and cosmic wave


Man is mortal, but why did they dedicate so much labor and wealth to building a storeroom for a carcass? Are there any other reasons except for the kings’ luxury and extravagance?


Yes, there are. The scientists’ researches indicate that the shape of the pyramid has enabled it to store a strange “energy”, which can cause the carcass to rapidly dehydrate and speed up “mummification”. The dead can thus wait for the resurrection sometime in the future.


If you put a rusty metal coin inside the pyramid, very soon it will glitter. If you place a cup of milk inside the pyramid, it will remain fresh after 24 hours. If you have a headache or a toothache, stay in the pyramid, an hour later you will feel detumescence and relief of pain. If you suffer neurosis or exhausted, stay in the pyramid for a few minutes or a couple of hours and you will feel refreshed and energized.


French scientist Bowers discovered that the carcasses of piglets and puppies in wastebins at one third height of the pyramid did not decompose but have automatically dehydrated and changed into mummies. He made a small pyramid according to the dimensions and proportion of the pyramid in his workshop. The same antiseptic and preserving effect has been achieved. These home-use small pyramids used to sell well in America. They were used for antisepsis, preservation, and experiments. Czechic radio technician Karl Delbar invented “Pyramid Blade Sharpener” according to Bowers’discovery and was awarded in 1959 “patent right” by Czech .


The Egyptian scientist Healy also did an experiment. After having put the bean seeds in the pyramid for some time, he found that the sprouts were five times longer and the chlorophyll was five times more.


In 1963, the biologists in Oklahoma University confirmed: The Egyptian princess has still living skin cells in her lifelike body after having been dead for thousands of years.


Even more astounding is the announcement by an Egyptian archaeologist, Massu: after 4 months of excavation, he discovered a gray cat when he opened the stone gate of an ancient tomb 27 feet beneath the Valley of King. Covered with dust, the cat arched its back, whined, and leapt fiercely to people. Several hours later the cat died in the lab. It had loyally kept watch over its master for 4000 years.


Some scientists believe that the pyramid is a very good microwave resonating cavity, where the heating effect of microwave energy can kill the bacteria and dehydrate the carcass. Inside this cavity microwave can fully exert its function. But how could the pharaoh use microwave four thousand years ago?


Some scientists think any building can absorb different cosmic waves according to their outer shapes. The granite inside the pyramid has the function of a battery, which absorbs and stores various cosmic waves. The limestone outside the pyramid can prevent the diffusion of cosmic waves. The generation of the supernatural energy inside the pyramid is the result of the action of cosmic waves. But how could pharaoh 4000 years ago understand cosmic waves and discover the relations between cosmic waves and stone quality?


Ⅶ Pharaoh’s curses and nuclear waste


Then it is wrong to think pyramid only as the source of life and energy. Pyramid is also deterring people’s further exploration with its mysterious and ghastful means.


In 1922, people excavated the mausoleum of Tutankhamun, a king who died in 18th century B.C. The entrance to the grave bears the awesome inscriptions: “Any tomb robber will be cursed by pharaoh”.


Scientists naturally disdained “the curse of pharaoh”, however, misfortunes and disasters have proved the effectiveness of pharaoh’s curses more than once.


The duke Karl, one of the leaders of the excavation, was the first to fall under the spell of the curse. He was stung by mosquito and died of carbuncle. Later, a visitor, Yeuell died of drowning, and another visitor, the railway magnate also died suddenly of pneumonia. A journalist who took pictures of the king’s mummy with X-ray camera died of shock. Mike and Pitcher, the assistants of Doctor Cainta died successively of unknown causes. Pitcher’s father jumped off a building and killed himself. And an automobile for the funeral killed an eight-year old child. 22 excavation-related people died mystically within three years and three months after the excavation.


There is also a formidable inscription on the Pyramid of Khufu, “The wings of death shall fall on the one Who Disturbs the Peace of the pharaoh.”


Doctor Jaisalmer Taya of Cairo University believed that an aspergillus inside the mummy can cause the afflicted person to suffer inflammation of the respiratory system, erythema on the skin, and finally death due to dyspnea.


American “Medical Monthly” once published an investigation report: as many as 40% of the 100 British visitors to the pyramid died of cancer at an early age within the next ten years. Those who were bold enough to climb to the top of the pyramid all died of stupefaction that occurred very soon.


Recently the chemist professor 达维多凡 of 贝利 University in Miami has detected the decayed radiation in the pyramid, which is obviously the main cause of cancer for the British tourists. But outside the pyramid no one has been affected. It can thus be seen that the structure of the pyramid can prevent the leakage of radiation. Hence he proposed a novel inference:


The pyramid is the nuclear waste storeroom for prehistoric aliens.


Well, the above introduction and analysis of the pyramid is very incisive. There is no need for me to make any further explanation. Facts show that pyramids were not built by man, and that they were not the mausoleums of pharaohs, either. There are many reasons for the burial of the pharaohs’ bodies inside the pyramids. One major reason is to prevent the unnecessary troubles caused by the disclosure of the angels’ secrets in the creation of man and succeedingly by man’s or alien’s imitation. Pharaoh is the most dignified of man. With the body of a pharaoh placed inside a pyramid, people would not try various means to enter the pyramid out of respect for the pharaoh. In this way the secrets would not be revealed. Then how can we explain the pharaoh’s curses?