Dream—what does it presages?


Dreamland is one of the 36-dimension time and spaces.


Dream is a phenomenon, behind which there is a hidden essence, as is the case with any phenomenon. It is the hidden essence that has caused the emergence of phenomenon. Mirage is only a phenomenon, but the essence that has caused the phenomenon of mirage is the Elysium World. Movement is a phenomenon, but the essence causing the occurrence of this phenomenon is instinct and gravitation. Man is also a phenomenon, and the essence prompting the emergence of man is the transmigration of life.


What is the essence of dream?


The essence of dream is the rehearsal and presage of future event.


Let’s first have a look at some examples about dream.


On an April night in 1865, Lincoln, the American well-known president had a dream, in which he discovered a crowd of people wailing when he strolled in the White House. He entered a room and found that his soldiers were guarding a corpse. He asked them whose body this was. They answered, “The president, he was assassinated.” The next day he told this dream to his wife and other people. Several days later this terrible dream came true. President Lincoln was assassinated.


Before the sailing of the famous passenger ship “Titanic”, a British merchant named Cannnon Middleton dreamed of the ship floating on the sea with upturned keels , crews and passengers around were swimming and floating. The next night he had the same dream, which prompted him to cancel the plan to travel by “Titanic”. Very soon, his dream became a reality.


In August 2002 I had this dream: I was walking on a strange road when suddenly a mass of cloud drifted over my head. I jumped up to pull the cloud down only to find that the cloud resembled a bundle of coiled cotton. I unfolded the bundle layer by layer and saw a new hat, a new suit of clothes, and a new pair of shoes in the bundle. The only thing lacking was a pair of trousers. The next day I told the dream to my wife, who grumbled, “That might not be a good omen.”


In the next few months, I busied myself madly for several people “who claimed to have lost the love of their fathers”. And they affectionately called me “dad”, but actually I was fooled and cheated, nearly ripped of all my belongings earned through years of hard work. This is really a case “Three decades of toil end up in nothing in a night’s time.”


Later upon reflection I came to realize the omen of this dream: new hat, new clothes, and new shoes foretold that I would have no hat, clothes, and shoes to wear. In the dream no trousers appeared, so I was left with a scanty amount of property to subsist on.


There is another story about dream. I cannot remember from which book I have read the story and what names the characters have. An influential official in one dynasty of China had a dream one night, in which he rode the carriage of the incumbent prime minister and the prime minister drove the carriage for him. But the prime minister moved only eight steps forward. When he awoke from the dream he analyzed his dream to some relevant people, saying that he would succeed the position of the prime minister and his tenure would last eight years. It later proved that his dream had come true as analyzed.


The above four examples shown that, far from being illusory and untrue, dreams are rehearsals and revelations of the future realities.


There are a large number of dreams in this aspect, which have been recorded in a lot of books, foreign or domestic, ancient or modern, especially in the Bible.


Actually if we are good at summarization, we will find that all our dreams are a demonstration of what is in store for us in future. Whether we can uncover their secrets depends on our analytical capability and telegnosis.


I find that China’s ancient book “Duke Zhou’s Interpretation of Dreams” is a very valuable book. The correlations between dreams and their predictions are almost correct. You may well have a try and interpret your own dreams with the help of this book.


The famous book “Interpretations of Dreams” by Freud has certain significance in psychological analyses, but it did an extremely poor job in analyzing the essence of dream. In the chapter “The Unconscious and Consciousness — Reality”, Freud says, “And how about the value of the dream for a knowledge of the future? That, of course, we cannot consider. One feels inclined to substitute: “for knowledge of the past.””


Many dreams are obviously predicting the future happenings, but Freud did not admit this. Many dreamlands have always been beyond the expectations of the dreamers, but Freud would stick to his opinion that “for knowledge of the past.”


The majority of people believe that dreams are fantasies and illusions emerging from their subconsciousness. But I would say that the visions of dreams are not scenes in the subconsciousness but rather the revelation of another time and space. Our fleshes are sleeping on bed but our spiritual beings have left our fleshes and entered another time and space. Let’s have a look at the following example.


An American businessman called Wilmott once took the passenger ship called Limerick and left Liverpool of England for America. One night he dreamed that his wife, whom he had not seen for a long time, came aboard his ship in sleep wear. She walked directly toward him and kissed him. When she attempted to sleep with him she spotted another man in the cabin. Thus she hesitated for a second and vanished. The next morning that man called William Ted who shared the cabin with him said to him, “Last night I saw you were with a woman”. And he forced Wilmortt to make clarifications as to whether he had secretly seduced any woman. Wilmortt was greatly surprised, “Last night I dreamed that my wife came to see me. Have you also had this dream and have seen the scenes of my dream?” What is even more amazing, when he returned to his home in New York, his wife told him that once she dreamed that she went aboard his ship and kissed him, but left when she discovered another man in the cabin.


Weird? Inconceivable?


The above is a typical dream. In fact, none of our dreams are illusory; instead they all have a solid existence. A story is thus recorded in a book. Two girls shared a room with two separate beds. One night one of the girls saw dimly a handsome man having sex with her roommate. The roommate was groaning with a great sense of comfort. Blushing shamefully, she quickly covered her head with the quilt. After a while when she had completely sobered up, she lifted the quilt to steal another glance but found that the man had left and her roommate was sleeping like a log.


The next morning she said to her roommate impatiently, “What have you done lastnight, be honest and tell me who that man was?” Completely taken aback, her roommate thought to herself, “How did she know what happened in my dream last night?” So she put a bold face, “What man? I have been sleeping on my bed all night. Stop talking nonsense.”


That girl rebuked, “I thought we were good friends for years. I saw clearly you were sleeping with a handsome man last night, why do you deny?”


Without choice her roommate told her that in her dream last night she could not resist the temptation of a handsome man and had an affair with him.


The matters in dreams are more complicated than those in the human world. One cannot explore all the secrets of dreams in his lifetime research. I have cited a few examples here to demonstrate to you that dreams are another time and space and another real world. By far, manis still at the initial stage in understanding dreams. Only if we believe in the Greatest Creator can we uncover the many secrets in the universe. Otherwise we will be like a swarm of aimless flies, and take a shot in the dark.

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I am Jena from China. I was a resident living in Chinese Largest Ecovillage —New Oasis for Life Community. I like ecovillages life mode. I am also interested in spiritual articles. Here I just share the Greatest Creator's love to me and my personal daily life. Hope you can enjoy my blog, thank you for reading.


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