The pharaoh’s curses—the constraint from god


Then what punishment will be met out for those daring to break into the pyramid?


By the pharaoh’s curse, all those interlopers would be killed so that no secrets could be leaked.


Then what is the pharaoh’s curse?


When Carter and others entered a spacious chamber beneath the pyramid, they discovered a clay board on which was written, “Death will spread its wings to strangle any one daring to disturb the peace of the pharaoh”.


On another statue was carved,“ I am the one who guard the tomb of Tutankhamen and fight against the tomb robbers away with the help of burning desert”


The above are the two curses from the pharaoh.


Then can the pharaoh’s curse really cast an irresistible spell? Let’s look at some of the examples collected.


Kamoroer who was responsible for the excavation died suddenly of serious illness soon after the tomb was opened on December 5, 1922. His sister wrote in her memoir, “I heard him crying with high fever ‘I have heard his calling, I will follow him” before his death.


Another responsible person Carter died at the age of 65 in 1939 without being cursed, yet his favorite pet canary was bitten to death by a snake one day. His daughter hanged herself shortly after her father’s death, leaving a suicide note, “I can no longer endure the curse.” In addition, one of Carter’s assistant died suddenly of pulmonary disease three years after the excavation. Another assistant died suddenly at the age of 45 in 1929.


The British investor of the excavation project Canabon died miserably of an insect bite within half a year after the completion of the project. At the time, the nurse attending him heard him crying before his death, “I am over, because I have already heard the calling.” Later the nurse also died inexplicably.


Six months after his death, his half brother captain Hebard committed suicide because of schizophrenia.


In 1939, his mother-in-law also died suddenly, said to be of an insect bite too.


The American railway magnate Gruder died suddenly of plague shortly after visiting the mausoleum.


The zillionaire of South Africa Theo drowned himself unexpectedly shortly after he returned to the yacht from the visit of the gold mask of Tutankhamen on the excavation site of the tomb.


Professor Richard who conducted the X-ray examination of the mummy of the pharaoh died of a high fever a few days after the examination work.


Curator of Cairo Museum Mechelen died barely four weeks after he claimed that he did not believe in curses. The doctor confirmed that he died of a heart attack.


By the end of 1923, twenty two people participated in the excavation died unexpectedly of sudden illnesses consecutively.


In 1971, the archaeologist Emery died shortly after being attacked by total paralysis on his unsuccessful trip to search for the ancient tombs 30 kilometers south of Cairo.


Professor Dormethren who entered the tomb to copy the inscriptions also met tragic death.


The culture relic administrator of the Egyptian government was injured by an automobile and died in hospital three days later because he had agreed to have Tutankhamen’s mementoes exhibit in Paris outside Egypt to. His daughter was also killed in a traffic accident.


Doctor Meoheris preparing “Egyptian Antique Exhibition” died suddenly at home one week after he signed the exhibition agreement.


The two pilots died successively of heart attack shortly after airlifting Tutankhmun’s mementoes.


When the gold mask was on display in America’s San Francisco, a police officer was suddenly hospitalized because of heart attack. When asked the reason, he said, “It seems that something behind the mask was exerting a force that makes one tremble with fear when standing in front of it.”


Mr. Moser, who had helped push over a major wall, contracted a disease analogous to nerve disorder and died. The people who died successively also include Reed who conducted the first X-ray examination of the pharaoh’s body and the American zillionaire Woolf.


According to investigation, the sudden deaths of at least 40 archaeologists were related to the mausoleum of the pharaoh.


The above is only a record of the deaths of some celebrated people. How about other anonymous participants? Many must have died unknowingly. But because of anonymity, no one would bother to explore the reason of death.

在1923 年发掘出图坦卡蒙陵墓前的1900前后,有人在埃及古墓中发掘出一个石头棺材,这个石棺上刻着一句话:“凡是碰到这具石棺的人都会遭难,或将被海水吞没。”确实,参与者们几乎都接二连三不明不白地死了,后来石棺被一美国富翁购买,于1912年3月将石棺装进了“泰坦尼克号”,准备运到美国展出,万没想到的是,泰坦尼克号巨轮在大海上航行时突然撞上不知从哪而冒出来的一座冰山,石棺连同巨轮一起“被海水吞没。”

Around 1900 years before the excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1923, someone excavated a stone coffin in Egypt’s ancient tomb, on which was inscribed, “Whoever has touched this stone coffin will be met with disaster or be drowned in the sea.” Indeed, participants have died unexpectedly one after another. Later the stone coffin was bought by an American zillionaire and was taken abroad “Titanic” bound for America in March 1912. It never occurred to people that Titanic collided on the sea unexpectedly with an iceberg appearing out of nowhere and the stone coffin was swallowed along with the large ship.


The above is a collection of materials concerning the deaths of personnel related to Egypt’s tombs. Please use your own discretion as to the truth of the materials. If you don’t believe them, you may well try out the results by gong to embrace the gold mask of Tutankhamen or personally visit the ancient mausoleum.


Since the pyramid is the “womb” for the birth of mankind, filled with unlimited mysteries, which once discovered by man, will have a direct bearing on the question of whether man should continue to exist on earth. Just like the modern “cloning technology”, the mass reproduction of man will pose a direct threat to the balance of various space life-forms and destroy the “transmigration order” of life. Man should be kept from taking such risks.


If the dogs we keep in our homes gradually acquire the wisdom of man, then shall we continue to keep them or dispose of them?


If a curious person wants to pry into the top secrets of the defense ministry, we will first adopt protective measures like guards and electronic protection. But what shall we do if he has already gained access to the confidential chamber? Shall we watch helplessly and let him expose the top secrets?


Prying into others’ secrets is an extremely dangerous act, and a stupid behavior that asks for unnecessary troubles. The secret pryers may suffer the punishments corresponding to the levels of the secrets, like intimidation, tongue cutting, exoculation, imprisonment, and killing


Let’s behave in an honest manner and keep ourselves from being misled by curiosity to death. All mystery will ultimately be revealed. But it takes time to do so. Now it is not time yet for people to pry into such secrets. When opportunity strikes, certainly someone will explain the secrets.


Any one who is proficient in “cloning technology… I’d better keep quiet here. Just think it over.


Well, that’s all for my talk about the pyramid and the pharaoh’s curses. Can we sense the existence of the Greatest Creator from these mysterious phenomena?

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