The marvelous biological remote sensing, telesthesia, and telepathy


Let’s first look at the following cases.


Case 1: Huiyan reported in Four Flowers and Four Dragons—the Story of Two Quadruplets, “if one of the quadruplets catches a cold, the other three will surely have a fever.” “Three brothers yawned in step with each other, with three little mouths opening simultaneously. They uttered “Ah…” sonorously, as if proclaiming their manliness.”


Case 2: There is a report called The Unexpected Reunion of kindred, the details of which I cannot remember very well. It relates the reunion of mother and daughter after a separation of more than four decades. Under a strange combination of circumstances, the daughter was adopted by other people. So she took the foster mother for her birth mother and indeed she did not know that she had a natural mother, who was now old and lived alone, knowing nothing about her only child, who had been separated from her since very young. A curious coincidence brought the daughter into an out-of-way alley, where she coincidently met with an old lady. Because she had accidentally helped the old lady, she was invited by the old lady into her humble hut, where she accidently saw a picture on the wall of the old lady when she was young. She was astonished, because her foster mother had given her a photo, which had been placed at the bottom of the chest for decades. The photo on the wall was the same as the one she had placed at the bottom of the chest. After talking with the old lady, she came to know that the old lady in front of her was none other than her own mother. The mother and the daughter felt both misery and happiness. Thanks to the mercy of heaven, the old mother had eventually found her daughter that she missed every day.


Case 3: Deadbody Returns Home reported that when the famous American actor Charles Cleveland died in 1899, he was buried in Galveston, Texas. The next year, a hurricane flooded the cemetery. The family of the deceased searched everywhere, but with no result. However, 28 years later in September 1927, this magical coffin mysteriously reappeared. It drifted for 3000 kilometers and arrived at the homeland of Cleveland—Prince Edward Island.


Case 4: According to The Omens of Mice’ House Moving , after the World War Two, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Macy, who were in the film industry in New York, rented an apartment at No. 80 Street of East Borough. One day Mrs. Macy spotted from the window on the second floor that many mice were pouring out in full force from the house in the opposite, running out as fast as they could. Shortly after, the old lady living in the opposite house died of suicide. After the death of the old lady, the mice returned in troops to the house. Some time later, a blond dancing fashionably dressed girl moved in, who was often accompanied by a young man. One day the flock of mice once again fled from the house. A few days later, this young man died of heart attack. After the death of the young man, the dancing girl moved out. Strange enough, the mice once again returned to their old “home”. A short time later, a young industrialist took residence in the house. After a period of peace, those mice left the house for another time. Mrs. Macy has a hunch that something unexpected might happen again. True enough, this young industrialist died of a plane crash. It is said that the house was built by a famous lawyer, who suffered lunacy shortly after the building was completed and eventually killed himself by jumping into Hudson River.


Case 5: According to the report of Miraculous Biological Telesthesia, “As early as last century, Professor Gregory of Edinburgh University had introduced an experiment of Berua. In the experiment, Berua divided the 50 snails into 25 pairs. Each pair was separated from the other pairs. After some time, the same letter was written on the shells of each pair of snails, and one of the pair was brought to America, the other still remained in Paris. Later at a given time the snail staying in Paris was stimulated with electric current, at the same time the one brought to American also exhibited the same “Electric stimulation reactions”.


Well, so much for the example of remote sensing, telesthesia, and telepathy.


Remote sensing: First I’d like to make it clear that the remote sensing I am talking about is purely biological remote sensing, which is different from the electromagnetic wave remote sensing, sonar remote sensing, and geophysical field remote sensing applied in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, meteorology, mapping, global positioning, resources survey, environmental protection, disaster prevention, hydrology and geology, and archeology.


In the mythology The Legend of Deification there are two people with special ability, one called “Clairvoyant” and the other “Clairaudience”. Both of them possess the ability of sensing everything happens in Jiang Ziya’s staging camp from far distance.


The mice’s behavior in case 4 is an example of animal’s remote sensing.


The special ability of remote clairvoyance frequently mentioned in science of qigong is also a kind of remote sensing.


Then what is remote sensing?


Remote sensing is a biological ability for gathering information on a given person, or object,or an area at a distance by receiving the thinking wave or electromagnetic waves they have sent out via directed thinking.


Remote sensing is not a mysterious phenomenon, rather a “resonant frequency”, just like a television channel that receives electromagnetic signals of live broadcasting transmitted by a TV station and informs us of the happenings in a different place or like a radio which picks up the frequency of a certain radio station and broadcasts the clear voice of the announcer.


Remote sensing is a natural phenomenon in the universe, but its occurrence is very unusual. Strictly speaking, the scenes described in science fiction are not sheer fabrications but a reality that has transcended time and space. Some people can accurately predict the future, because they have actually mastered the “technology” of remote sensing. For example the French doctor Nostradamus, the eccentric Dorothy, Sakyamuni, and so on. The death of Russian Czar Ivan by the end of the 16th century had been accurately predicted by 60 Russian prophets 12 days prior to his death. It is said that some people had given up the journey by Titanic for remote sensing its fore coming disaster.


There are a lot of prophecies in the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Sutra. Actually these prophecies are a kind of remote sensing.


My description of 36-dimension space is also a result of remote sensing. The explanation for the origins of the universe, man, and life is also only an apperception via telegnosis, an apperception that transcends time and space. The explanation does not result from the poor knowledge and logical reasoning I have acquired. Scientifically, my arguments and argumentations are not adequate, but I believe man will ultimately know that I am right.


There are only a very limited number of people capable of remote sensing, just as there can be only several queen bees in a swarm of bees. The world will fall into chaos if every one is capable of remote sensing. So I shall drop the topic here. If you are capable of remote sensing, it is your good luck.


Telesthesia: as a physiological phenomenon, telesthesia is an imperceptible physiologically transferred induction. The most special case is the lactation after birth. Take humankind for example. No matter how plump a woman’s breast may be, no matter how many sexual intercourses a woman may have, and even if pregnancy has reached ten months, lactation will not occur as long as the child is not born. Only after a baby is born, the baby’s need for milk will stimulate the physiological reaction and milk will begin flowing. In the same way, the tear duct will secrete tears only after foreign matter has entered the eye or emotions have fluctuated too greatly.


Cases 1, 2, and 5 are examples of biological telesthesia.


Remote sensing can be acquired through conscious cultivation, while telesthesia is an unconscious physiological behavior, a physiological mechanism, and a natural program designed by the Greatest Creator. For this, we will not say much.


Telepathy: Telepathy is the universal phenomenon in the universe. Everything has telepathy. Strictly speaking, all activities of life-forms are the result of telepathy. More accurately, all the phenomena we see are the result of telepathy. The macroscopic and microscopic universes are both the result of telepathy.


Both organic substance and inorganic substance are capable of telepathy. Man, animals, plants, and insects have telepathy. Mountains, rocks, rivers, and weather all are capable of telepathy. The effective evidence for the telepathy of microscopic matter can be found in the fact that the famous Buddhist master Jingkong cited on many occasions the Japanese scientists’ research on the crystal of water molecules when expounding on Mahayana’s Sutra of Infinite Life. He said that when we said “thanks” and “love” to water the arrangement of water molecules will be a very beautiful crystal and that when we are hostile and indifferent to it the arrangement of water molecules will be a chaotic assemblage. Hence master Jingkong told us that since human body is 70% water, as long as we show more care for water in our body then the water molecules in our body will act effectively and will increase our health. We may be free from illness all our life. He went further to enlighten us that since 70% of the earth is covered by water, as long as we don’t pollute the rivers, lakes and oceans, the earth will not be inflicted with floods, inundations, droughts, and hailstones.


Like the gravitation between everything, the telepathy between everything exists and occurs everywhere and at any time. The most obvious example is electromagnetic induction, sound wave induction, photoelectric induction, and so on. Now there are automatic doors in cities around the globe. The door closes when man leaves and opens when man approaches. Some street lamps will be automatically turned on when it becomes dark and will be automatically turned off when dawn breaks. Some anti-theft devices will automatically set off alarms when a person enters a security zone.


The telepathy between life-forms happens at every moment. The quadruplets in case 1 the other three will have a fever as long as one of them has caught a cold. When one yawns, the others will open their mouths simultaneously. It is also the case with twins and multi-births. There are different degrees of telepathies occurring at any moment between mother and daughter, father and son, lovers, and enemies. The abnormal behaviors of animals before earthquakes, the pain of joints suffered by arthritis patients before the heavy rain, the frantic movement of insects before the storms, the suicidal behavior of plants like bamboos prior to a disaster, the sudden fidget and vexation experienced by people occasionally—all these are the results of telepathy.


The day before yesterday (November 30, 2003), I ran into a former colleague of mine. He has rented a luxury villa. He joyfully told me that in the courtyard of the villa there were four rows of grapevines as long as 30 meters. He told me that the house owner said these grapevines had not produced grapes for many years. After he lived in the villa, he watered the grapevines every three days, applied fertilizers, hoed up weeds, and dug up the soil. Now the grapevines are heavily laden with grapes. He said that he could earn a handsome sum of money from grapes alone. He also said excitedly, “Plants will repay when they get enough care and protection from human.” This is also a kind of telepathy.

我院中主卧室窗前有一株花树,不知叫什么名字,开白紫相间的小花,每当花盛开时,满头满脸满身都是花,且飘散出一种浓郁的芳香,今年雨季前它已经开了一次,当时我站在花前,自言自语道:“这个花真美、真香,要是天天能开花就好了,要么一年多开几次也好。” 万没想到,三个月后,它又开了,我问在这个院中已工作了近十年的花工Gift,这种花是不是每年要开两次,他说:“不,一年只开一次,不知道今年为什么多开一次。”我一下感悟到,是我的一个心愿促使它又开了一次。我深感追悔,这是一株灵性很高的花树,为了满足我的需要,它违背了自然规律,强争着又开了一次,真难为它了。这第二次开花,它的香气很淡很淡,几乎都闻不出来,这是勉强挣扎超常付出的结果,我心里道歉道:“花树啊花树,深深地感谢你对我的仁爱,我已理解你心,以后就不要这样超常发挥了,同时《生命禅院》将最大限度地保护你及一切花草树木,你们为人类默默奉献、开花美化环境、结果让人品尝、绿化保持水土、吐氧气吸二氧化碳净化环境、进行光合作用为动物和人类制造养料——碳水化合物,没有你们就没有昆虫、动物和我们人类,你们是生命赖以生存的基础,《生命禅院》将以保护众生的生命为宗旨,我们人类再也不能自高自大,忘恩负义了。”

In front of the window of the master bedroom in my yard there is a tree, whose name is unknown to me. It blooms the small white and purple flowers. Each time when the tree is in full bloom, it will be covered all over with the flower petals, which emanate a strong fragrance. This year the tree has flowered one time before the rain season. At the time I stood in front of the flowers, muttering to myself, “These flowers are so beautiful and fragrant. How wonderful it would be if the tree is in bloom every day. It would be very good if the tree can flower for many more times every year.” It never occurred to me that three months later, the tree was in flowers once again. I asked the gardener Gift who had worked in this compound for nearly ten years whether this tree would flower twice every year. He replied, “No, it flowers only once every year, and I don’t know why it has flowered twice this year.” Suddenly I realized that it was my wish that had prompted it to flower one more time. I felt very guilty. This is a flower tree with great spiritual nature. To satisfy my private needs, it has overstretched itself against the law of nature. It must have try hard.. The second time, the flowers have so faint a fragrance that one can hardly smell it. This is the result of overspending. I made apologies in mind, “Flower tree, flower tree, I am deeply indebted to you for your kindheartedness. I understand you now. Please don’t overdone yourself again in the future. Meanwhile Life Chanyuan will try its best to protect you and all the flowers, grass and trees. You are silently dedicated to mankind, flowering to beautify the environment, bearing fruits for people to savor, afforesting to conserve water and soil, exhaling oxygen and inhaling carbon dioxide to purify the environment, photosynthesizing to create nourishment–carbohydrates for man and animals. Without you there would be no insects, animals and us humans. You are the foundation on which life depends. Life Chanyuan will make it its tenet to protect the life of all living things. We humans should no longer be arrogant, conceited and ungrateful.


There is telepathy between plants and man, and there is also telepathy between man and gods. I have a friend whose father was nearly eighty years old. He was kindhearted, amicable and genial. He was very healthy in Zimbabwe. But there was a period he was vexed and troubled, insisting on returning home (his homeland in China). My friend had no choice but to send him back to his old home. Very soon, the old man passed away while asleep.


Why did the old man feel anxious and eager to return home when he was enjoying very good health and life in Zimbabwe? This is the beckoning of gods. Although without knowing, the old man had experienced telepathy physiologically.


Moreover, there are also telepathies in many of our daily recreational activities. Last month (November 2003) my wife and I played poker games with some friends for six hours. The cards in my wife and my hand were very bad from beginning to the end. My friends had climbed over several mountains while my wife and I were still fixed at the starting point. Finally I realized it was because my wife and I felt upset and distracted several days before. When one’s mind is disturbed, the cards will also be a mess. Only if one has a calm mind, will he get very good and orderly cards. (You can have a try if you feel interested.)


Recently another case of telepathy happened to me. I have got the habit of reading Reader. Once I read several articles by the Taiwanese writer Lin Qingxuan and discovered that Mr. Lin has very high spiritual nature. As far as I see it, however ignorant I may be, Mr. Lin is one of the people with the highest spiritual nature in Chinese nation. I consider it great luck and happiness to read more of his books. But I am abroad and have very little chance to buy his books. I have never expected that recently a girl of my children’s generation came from China and brought me two books written by Mr. Lin—“Search the Homeland of Soul”. Why did she buy books instead of anything else for me? Why did she buy Lin Qingxuan’s book instead of other books? It turned out that this was a result of my telepathy.


Seth said, “Physiological symptoms are communications from the inner self, indications that we are making mental errors of one kind or another” That is to say, the physiological disease is an induction of physiology to psychology and psychopathy.


All the wars, conflicts, natural disasters, and diseases in human history are the results of the mutual telepathy between gods, man, animals and plants. And the deluge in the period of Noah is also the consequence of the induction of man’s conceit and arrogance.


Remote sensing, telesthesia, and telepathy are all an embodiment of “Tao” as described by Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching. And Tao is the materialization of the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator. In the final analysis, remote sensing, telesthesia, and telepathy is a program designed by the Greatest Creator to maintain the balance of nature. We can hence feel the unfathomable profundity of the Greatest Creator’s wisdom.

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I am Jena from China. I was a resident living in Chinese Largest Ecovillage —New Oasis for Life Community. I like ecovillages life mode. I am also interested in spiritual articles. Here I just share the Greatest Creator's love to me and my personal daily life. Hope you can enjoy my blog, thank you for reading.


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