The bright eyes—windows onto beauty


Of the six senses of vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, and telegnosis felt by the six sense organs of eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind, vision accounts for more than 80% of our understanding of the material world. Although more than 80% of the knowledge of nonmaterial world comes from the telegnosis, vision is the foundation for telegnosis, thus eyes are called the windows of soul.


Vision relies mainly on eyes.


Although purely a material physiological structure, eyes can project the forms and movement of the boundless universe onto our brains, which enables us to survive effectively in the complicated nature. Without eyes a man can not live effectively, without eyes the mankind cannot survive effectively.


Then how do eyes come about? Is it possible that the miraculous and intricate eyes have evolved from a monad and developed into the fully functional and perceptive eyes of mankind?


Man’s eyes have two functions: one is the function of vision, and the other is the function of aesthetics.


The formation of vision involves an entire system of highly efficient image analysis structure. Strictly speaking, the objects we see are not the same objects, because a period of time has passed in the process from the perception of an object to the imaging of the object on the retina to the conceptualization of the object after being reflected to the brain by the nerve system. Although it lasts only several ten thousandths microsecond, theoretically the image in the brain is already not the image of the real object. For example, a flower we see may have withered after some time, but the flower in the brain is still the one originally reflected. For another example, when a relative of ours has passed away and is no longer alive, our brains still retain the lovely voice and happy countenance of the deceased.


How does vision happen?


Vision is a reaction to the stimulation of light energy of the eyes. An object will reflect the light from the sun or other light source. Via pupils and lens the reflected light will fall on the retina for imaging to take place. Then stimulated by light energy, the nerve cells on the retina will convert light signal into bioelectrical signal, which will deliver the vision information to the nerve center via optic nerves and finally to the brains. The brain’s mechanism for analysis, judgment, and identification will form the concepts of the object’s size, shape, and color and then pass on these concepts to the related departments of the body, ordering them to maintain a high vigilance and be ready to respond to emergencies.


For the smooth running of such a complicated program, a “man” of supreme wisdom is needed to conduct perfect design of the eyes, just like the design of cameras by scientists. We can know that the eyes are designed by the Greatest Creator through the following passages.


1. What is visible to the eyes is only the visible light with wavelength ranging between 400 millimicrons and 760 millimicrons.


Beyond this visual range, the world is completely different. The blue sky is no longer blue sky. Our eyes will be dazed by the variegated and weirdly colorful scenes created by the cosmic rays like infrared, ultraviolet, gamma ray, beta ray, X ray, electromagnetic wave, and particle flux. In less than 10 minutes our nerve system will become turbulent and we will all go mad. More over, we may occasionally view spirit, immortals, goblins, devils, and monsters, paradise and hell, or even the thinking waves in other people’s mind. Then we will not be able to behave like a man, and enjoy the beauty of life in this muddleheaded and unrestrained manner.


2. Make the eyes possess the capability to resolve different colors.


Within the photosensory cells in the cone of human eye’s retina, there are three different photopigments, which can respectively absorb the blue light with a wavelength of 445 millimicrons, the green light with a wavelength of 535 millimicrons, and the red light with a wavelength of 570 millimicrons. The mixture of the three lights in different proportions has created the great variety of colors. Our eyes possess the capability to distinguish the subtle shades of color, otherwise we will all be colorblind and cannot fully enjoy the infinite beauty of nature.


3. Make the eyes have a broad vision


Our eyeballs are only 24 millimeters from back to front, 23 millimeters from top to bottom, and 23.5 millimeters horizontally. The pupil of the eye is only 2.5 to 4 millimeters in diameter, but if we scan widely we can see the views within the scope of dozens of kilometers. How wonderful it is! If our eyes do not possess such a function, and can see only a place the size of our eyes, our field of vision will be extremely limited, just like looking into a few meters ahead through the hole of a bamboo hole. We cannot see the wolf even if it is already beside us. We cannot discover the snake even if it has climbed beneath our feet. Won’t that be a great trouble?


4. Make the eye possess stereoscopic vision


People often say, “We can see clearly at a glance”. But can one see clearly with one eye. Try closing one eye and see if you can pull a thread through the needle’s hole, or if you can pour strong sulfuric acid accurately into a small test tube in the chemical lab.


Therefore it is important to have two eyes.


5. Make the eyes possess the function of winking


The eyes will wink every two to eight seconds. Why do eyes wink?


If the eyes remain open all the time, they will easily become dry and astringent, and may attract dusts and bacteria. If this lasts for long, the eyesight will fail or even be lost. Through winking the tears may be evenly distributed in the eyes to wet the cornea and conjunctiva, preventing the eyes from dryness and astringency, maintaining the luster of cornea, and cleaning the conjunctiva sac of dust and bacteria. See, how considerate the Greatest Creator is.


Make the eyes possess a mechanism of self-protection.


The eye is an intricate, sensitive and delicate organ, which cannot be protected by relying on man’s self-consciousness. Thus the Greatest Creator has designed eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, and tears for protection.


Growing on the protruding superciliary ridges, eyebrows ward off the dust and sweat from above like an umbrella, preventing them from entering the eyes.


Eyelashes resemble bamboo curtains or two platoons of embattled sentinels, who are always ready to keep away and block off the unannounced invasion of the enemies like dust and microorganism.


Eyelids are like a loyal soldier guarding the frontier line of the eyes. Whenever attacked by foreign matters or shone by strong light, the eyelids will immediately close up and protect the eyes within them so that the foreign matter will not cause damage to the eyeballs or the strong light will not hurt the optic nerves.


Whenever foreign matter or bacteria has invaded into the eyes, the tears from lachrymal gland will pour out and flush away the foreign matter; meanwhile the lysozyme and immunoglobulin in the tears will on the one hand inhibit the propagation and growth of bacteria and on the other hand will kill bacteria by decomposing the sucrose mortierellate existing in the cell wall and dissolving bacteria.


Let’s see! How perfect the protection mechanism is! Is this a result of evolution? Ever since the moment man appeared on the earth, our eyes have possessed the above functions. Our eyes have never experienced evolution or retrogression. Our eyes have not gone through the gradual perfection and evolution.


Apart from the above visual functions, eyes also have aesthetical functions. We can derive aesthetic enjoyment from “bright eyes”, “talking eyes”, ” amorous eyes”, and “leering eyes”and so on.


I have auuemed hundreds of schemes to adjust the size and position of the eyes to find out whether there exists a better design of the eyes’ size and position. For example, place the eyes at the top of the head, at the back of the head, or on the buttocks, or in the palms, or beneath the mouth, or exchange the positions of the eyes and the ears, or replace human eyes with the eyes of the horses, or those of rats or frogs. It turned out that only the current size and positions of the eyes are just right, and any slightest changes or alterations will only lead to ugliness. Unbelievable? Just try it.


We can see the Greatest Creator from our eyes and the magic and profundity of his wisdom.

发布者:Jena Wang

I am Jena from China. I was a resident living in Chinese Largest Ecovillage —New Oasis for Life Community. I like ecovillages life mode. I am also interested in spiritual articles. Here I just share the Greatest Creator's love to me and my personal daily life. Hope you can enjoy my blog, thank you for reading.


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