The masterpiece of the Greatest Creator—beauty of nature


When learning Introduction to Literature, we were told by the teacher, “We are surrounded with beauty. The reason that we have failed to discover beauty is that we lack the eyes to perceive beauty.”


In 1986, I went to Mandarin Duck Reservoir in Jinta County with my classmates of Jiuquan Education College. We got off the bus on the road from Jiuquan City to Jinta County. Just guess what my first impression is.


I felt the beauty of relaxation and happiness for becoming part of Mother Nature, because what met our eyes as soon as we got off the bus was the vast expanse of endless Gobi desert. It seemed that we city-dwellers had entered another world of wildness, wonder, remoteness, and vastness. All of us cried with one voice, “Wow, beautiful!”


How can we say that the Gobi desert is not beautiful!


When I climbed the Great Wall at Badaling during my study at Beijing Foreign Trade University, I saw the meandering Great Wall fly like gigantic dragon on the top of the undulating mountains. I felt a beauty of valiancy, unrestrained freedom, and flying.


During my study at Zhangjiakou Geology Technical School, I used to go climbing with my classmates. Standing on the mountain top and overlooking the wilderness with curling smokes beyond the Great Wall, I felt a beauty of serenity, leisureliness, composure, and ease induced by the picturesque natural scenery.


When learning in Lanzhou Education College, I would sit by the Yellow River whenever I have the opportunity. Since I grew up by the Yellow River, I have a special love for it. Watching the surging and rolling river flow in its meandering course, I felt that my thinking has been carried to a remote place, and I was filled with the aesthetic feeling of surging emotions and endless yearnings.


In the small islands of Luanda, the capital of Angola, in the Bela Port of Mozambique, on the beach of Dares Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, in Tianya Haijiao of China’s Hainan Island, in the Cape of Good Hope of South Africa’s Cape Town—everywhere the azure sky and sea elicits in me an aesthetic sense of mystery, fantasy, eternity, and infinity.


There is the world-famous Victoria Waterfall on the river of Zambezi between Zambia and Zimbabwe. I used to drive the six-ton truck of Chinese Jiefang truck to fetch water from there. Each timeI approached it, I was overwhelmed by its tumbling heroism. Its vigorous momentum, mountain-shaking power, thunderous rumbling, and dragon’s soaring, and the numerous rainbows among the waterfall created a dreamlike aesthetic feeling of dauntlessness and unrestraint.


Harare is a gardenesque city, and Zimbabwe is a green country. Here birds sing and flowers bloom all the year round. Everywhere you can see luxuriant and green foliages. For years I wandered about among the green mountains and rivers. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the trees, flowers, and grass are extremely beautiful.


I have not been to prairie, but a dance I learned at middle school has always been lingering in my mind. The dance sings praise of the prairie of Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia—the galloping courser, the herds of sheep, the drifting white clouds in the blue sky, and clusters of small flowers dotting the endless stretch of green land—in my imagination the prairie is refreshing and intoxicating and I long for it.


The Gobi desert, the mountains and fields, the rivers and oceans, the creeks and waterfalls, the blue sky and white clouds, the flowers, grass and trees—all are beautiful. The prairie in imagination is also very beautiful.


The starlight across the sky, the morning and evening glows, the hovering eagles, the dancing butterflies, the grapes on the vines, the mouth licking melons and fruits, the exquisitely carved dews, the frogs croaking, the insects’ choruses, the bird’s twittering, the horses’ neighing, and even mirage—the nature is filled with exotic beauty everywhere.


Nature is beautiful, and man is more beautiful. I have not seen “The four ancient beauties in China”, neither have I studied at someone carefully. I have, however, appreciated numerous western beauties from Internet, especially naked beauties.


I have been deeply influenced by Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism, but the beauties are so pretty that they cause the complete collapse of my “moral” defense line. The temptation of beauty is so powerful. It makes people intoxicated and thrilled. Sometimes I imagine them to be the painted skins (Hua Pi) in “Stories from a Strange Studio”, which will suck my marrow and blood, pull out my tendon, and skin me alive. I also know that “a beauty of 18 is soft and tender; her charm is as sharp a sword that chop the ordinary man, although the man may may look the same , unknowingly his marrow is sucked clean and dry”. However, by nature I have a strange inclination for beauty, which is so strong that I wish I were melted in.


Shall we turn a deaf ear and blind eye to beauty? If beauty can cause our downfall, so can the beauty of nature. Aren’t they the same?


The earnest and tireless teachings of Jesus and Sakyamuni keep ringing in my ears; on the other hand beauty is bewitching me with its irresistible force. I have been plunged into the deep misery and desperation. Why is this?


I meditate, I repent, I hate myself, and I pity myself. What should I do?


I cannot but look for the Greatest Creator, pleading for a definite answer.


Who has bestowed the beauty for everything? If a man has no other purpose than mere survival, he will need nothing more than a kennel and a basin of pig’s feed. Why should everything be given a beautiful look?


I have finally got the answer: the beauty of everything has been created by the Greatest Creator, who has intended us to enjoy the beauty of life.


Now that the respected Greatest Creator of the universe has offered us beauty, what need is there for us to act against the will of the Greatest Creator and view beauty as a dreadful disaster?


Then is Jesus wrong? Is Buddha Sakyamuni wrong? No, not at all.


Honey is sweet, but if we cannot extricate ourselves from it, we may put our life and wonderful future at stake which is quite unworthy. We have to listen to the painstaking advice of god and Buddha.


Nevertheless, now that all beauty has been created by the Greatest Creator, we are entitled to enjoy beauty. All beauty should be shared and should not be privatized. Everyone is greedy and exclusive by nature. When he himself can not possess certain beauty, he will try every means to decry beauty and prevent others from enjoying the beauty.


I praise to you, all the beautiful men and women and through you, I praise the Greatest Creator.


The internet beauties, for you the road to paradise and Elysium have been closed. Then, let me lead you to the thousand-year world. You have shown your beauty to the world and the public. You are not monsters, neither are you sprite. But remember, your beauty is given by the Greatest Creator. You should always remember the favor of the Greatest Creator, and always feel indebted to him and love him. However, it will be another story if you do evils by your beauty.


Beauty is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator, the existence of beauty is the best evidence for the existence of the Greatest Creator.

发布者:Jena Wang

I am Jena from China. I was a resident living in Chinese Largest Ecovillage —New Oasis for Life Community. I like ecovillages life mode. I am also interested in spiritual articles. Here I just share the Greatest Creator's love to me and my personal daily life. Hope you can enjoy my blog, thank you for reading.


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