There should be “someone” behind the orderly operation of the solar system.


With the sun as its center, the solar system consists of the sun, Mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, comets, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, meteoroid, interstellar matter, the earth’s satellite moon, and other asteroids. Attracted by the gravitation of the sun, other celestial bodies revolve around the sun. Among them, the nine planets revolve in the same direction around the sun along the nearly round orbits in approximately the same plane.


For billions of years, the solar system has been running in the Milky Way galaxy in an orderly manner, and with no single mistake. The nine planets, the earth’s satellite moon, and other asteroids have unfailingly and willingly maintained the order of the solar system. They cooperate tacitly with each other, conforming and obedient. There has never been any bullying. There is a high degree of organization, discipline, and unity. If any one of the planets does not obey command and acts on itself, the whole solar system will immediately be knocked over by other stellar systems in the galaxy. Then the main task of the whole solar system—sustaining the life on earth—will not be possible, and man will also perish.


To live harmoniously, a big family of about dozen people will need some “domestic disciplines” to keep it in line. A company, small it may be, must have “rules and regulations” if it hopes to survive and develop. A house should have a design before builders can begin work—how the doors, the windows, the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, and the bathroom should be arranged. To survive, even a pack of wolves, a swarm of bees, a cohort of ants, or a flock of sheep must have a leader in charge; otherwise the result will be a state of disunity and chaos.


Let’s take a look at the general manager’s office. The desk, the chairs, the bookshelf, the sofas, the tea table, the telephone, and the like are all arranged in an orderly manner. The tea table will not be placed on the desk; the chairs will not be put on the sofas. Why? Because these have already been designed and arranged.


Let’s have a look at the workshops of a factory. The lathes, the milling machines, the planers, the drill presses, the machining tables, the grinding wheels, and the tool cabinets are arranged in an orderly manner. They will not be piled up and thrown here and there. Why? For someone is doing the arrangement.


Let’s take a look at the streamline of the assembly workshop of TV sets. There is a strict order for the assembly of different components. Is this order formed naturally? Of course not, there must be someone doing the design and arrangement.


Let’s take a look at everything in nature and every activity in human society. It is not difficult to discover that all have been organized and arranged by someone or a certain “brain”.


Then how about the orderly functioning of the solar system? Is it not designed by someone?


By logical reasoning, we can infer that there must be someone in charge of the creation and arrangement of the solar system. But who is this “someone”? He must be the planner and designer of the universe and the wise omniscience—The Greatest Creator.

发布者:Jena Wang

I am Jena from China. I was a resident living in Chinese Largest Ecovillage —New Oasis for Life Community. I like ecovillages life mode. I am also interested in spiritual articles. Here I just share the Greatest Creator's love to me and my personal daily life. Hope you can enjoy my blog, thank you for reading.


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